Professionally Treating a Toothache

professionally treat a toothacheWhen your tooth hurts, there may be little chance of ignoring it, depending on its severity. Even if it is mild enough to forget about it for a while, you still should not disregard the discomfort. Whatever’s making your tooth sensitive may only grow worse the longer you neglect it. Some over-the-counter pain relievers can offer temporary pain relief, but to cure your toothache once and for all, you could require professional dental treatment to address its underlying cause. (more…)

Should You Take Dry Mouth Seriously?

should you take dry mouth seriouslyYou may not think much about your saliva on a day-to-day basis, but when your salivary glands stop producing enough of it, the dryness can grab your attention pretty easily. Dry mouth is fairly common, and most people experience it to some degree when they’re thirsty, but when the condition is persistent, your mouth can become uncomfortable and susceptible to dental diseases like tooth decay. The truth is that you shouldn’t ignore dry mouth, since the prolonged absence of saliva can spell trouble for the health of your smile. (more…)

Is Stress Affecting Your Dental Health?

is stress affecting your dental healthStress seems to be a major part of modern life, with hectic schedules, overwhelming daily demands, and little time to decompress. The negative health effects of excessive stress are well-known and often discussed, including hypertension (high blood pressure) and an increased risk of heart disease and failure. However, daily stress can also take a toll on your dental health in numerous ways, some of which may not become obvious until damage has been done. (more…)

What Are Tannins, and How Do They Affect Teeth?

tannins and teethSometimes, nature can be a little complex, and not as cut-and-dry as many people may wish. This principle can be observed throughout nature, and one example has important implications when dealing with oral health.

Tannins, for instance, are plant compounds that contain numerous properties, some of which can ease jaw pain, and some of which can cause it. Today, we discuss the diverse properties of tannins that can potentially place them on either the good or bad side of your oral health. (more…)

Root Canal Therapy: Your Questions

womanquestionfaceAsk your friends and family about the dental treatment that causes them the most anxiety and you will likely find that the majority feel strongly about root canal therapy. Unfortunately, this restorative treatment receives unfair judgment. By learning just a bit about it, you will discover that a root canal is exceptionally beneficial, allowing you to keep your tooth, avoid an extraction, and enjoy restored comfort. Still have questions about addressing your infected tooth? Allow us to provide additional details with a Q&A session that addresses frequently asked questions.


What Does A Crown Offer?

dentalcrownHave you ever thought about the characteristics of a dental crown? You may immediately notice that once we place a crown, it’s like you have a new tooth in your mouth. This, of course, is the essence of what makes crowns such wonderful restorative options. However, we invite you to dig a bit deeper with your knowledge of crowns as a means of appreciating how a restoration that is so small can offer such a big amount of improvement to your smile.


What Makes Fillings So Advantageous?

advantageschalkDo you tend to clam up when you discover you need a dental filling to restore your oral health? Are you listening to us suggest that you schedule a visit as soon as possible, while you’re thinking to yourself that there is no way you will be returning soon for a filling? If so, we understand that restorations can sometimes cause patients to run in the opposite direction but only as a result of being uninformed. We encourage you to consider the advantages of fillings, so you feel comfortable and confident scheduling your visit and allowing us to repair your tooth.