Is Sleep Apnea Affecting You? Our Dental Office Can Help!

Are you having trouble feeling refreshed when you wake up, and do you feel tired during the day even after a full night’s rest? Do you have a tendency to snore at night, and wake up with a sore throat and dry mouth? These are some of the issues that can affect you if you have an untreated problem with sleep apnea. While people sometimes assume this is “just” a snoring problem, you can actually experience many different health concerns if you let the problem continue. Our Riverside, CA dental practice has experience helping people who struggle with sleep apnea. Instead of requiring you to wear a CPAP machine, we can use a special oral appliance to help keep your airways open throughout the night to stop this problem from further affecting you. (more…)

Our Practice Is Ready To Treat And Restore Your Aching Tooth

Why would you allow a toothache to continue interfering with your quality of life? Problems with a sore or sensitive tooth can make it harder for you to bite and chew, and the discomfort can be a persistent distraction. You can be happy to know that with access to modern dental care, the problem can be addressed with minimal discomfort. Our dental practice in Riverside, CA is prepared to both treat the problem affecting you, and to restore the tooth after that treatment is performed. We can offer a full dental crown, inlay, or onlay depending on how much support you might need after a procedure is completed. (more…)

Address Teeth Stains To Show Off A Brighter Smile In 2020

If you want to start the new year (and new decade!) with confidence, taking care of tough teeth stains can help. Worrying about the brightness of your smile can make you uncomfortable with the way you look, and that self-conscious feeling can interfere with your daily life in ways that frustrate you. Unfortunately, the help available from store bought whitening products can be limited. At our Temecula, CA dental office, we can provide significant results from professional whitening treatments. The agents we use to take care of your teeth can break apart tough stains, and give you a dazzling, bright smile you are eager to share!

Will Your Dental Injury Require Emergency Treatment?

Sometimes, a problem with a tooth can call for urgent attention from your dentist. At our Corona, CA dental office, we are prepared to take on urgent issues that affect your smile. During your emergency dental treatment experience, you can look forward to prompt attention, as well as a commitment to making sure that your smile and oral health needs are addressed. Our goal is to save your tooth, and to minimize changes to your appearance and dental function. If saving the tooth is not possible, we can discuss modern prosthetic dental work to ensure your smile is completely restored. (more…)

Creating The Right Atmosphere For Your Child’s Dental Visit

Your child’s oral health is obviously important to you, and it is important to us as well. Our Riverside, CA dental team is proud to make our youngest patients feel at ease during pediatric dental appointments. In addition to providing care in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, we take time to provide kids with instructions and lessons that equip them with the skills to take great care of their teeth at home. It is important to make sure kids are enjoying quality oral health care in the right environment. Positive early experiences with their dentist can ensure kids feel comfortable seeking oral health care later in life, and early dental intervention can prevent developmental problems from affecting their smile. (more…)

Wearing Invisalign Aligners At Work: What You Can Expect

The start of orthodontic treatment can be exciting – after all, your treatment is leading to meaningful smile improvements in addition to oral health benefits. With that said, people can be nervous about beginning an adjustment, even when they choose Invisalign for their treatment. If you are concerned about how wearing Invisalign might affect you, you can be glad to know that these appliances are designed to minimize interference with your daily life. You can confidently wear your appliances at your place of work, or in social settings, without drawing unwanted attention. Your Moreno Valley, CA dental practice can talk to you about the many benefits of choosing these appliances for smile treatment, and what a straighter smile can do for you. (more…)

Your Smile: 3 Things To Say Goodbye To With 2019

As 2019 is on its way out, you may be thinking a lot about your resolutions. One outlook to take on, so you can cut out the dead weight and make room for some very good smile care decisions throughout the new year and beyond? If our Riverside, CA team has anything to say about it, you’ll get quite serious about letting go anything that doesn’t support or benefit your ability to optimize your professional treatments and your dental hygiene. If this sounds a bit too broad of a suggestion, your Riverside dentist will be happy to narrow it down for you with just a handful of smart things to leave behind as you wave “goodbye!” to 2019!