Using A Tooth Bonding Treatment To Hide Dental Damage

It can be frustrating to feel people hone in on a tooth that is chipped, cracked, or discolored by a physical injury. When an injury is a prominent place, it can be difficult to hide even if the damage is modest. The good news is that a conservative tooth bonding procedure can resolve this problem! At our Riverside, CA dental practice, we can evaluate the tooth and determine if this cosmetic dental procedure is right for you. If it is, we can improve your smile by covering flaws without using a custom dental restoration. If necessary, we can recommend another treatment option that will provide a sustained improvement. (more…)

Including Orthodontic Work In Your Smile Improvement Plan

At our Riverside, CA dental office, we are happy to work with patients who want to make ambitious smile improvements. Many people who have negative feelings about their appearance can have several specific flaws they would like to address. One problem that can affect your smile is malocclusion, or problems with poor teeth spacing. If your teeth overlap, or if they are too far apart, your smile can look awkward and asymmetrical. Even if your teeth are healthy, they can look unattractive because of the way they are positioned. We can perform an evaluation and recommend orthodontic work to help. If you wish to take on more than just the alignment of your smile, we can look at the benefit of following orthodontic work with additional cosmetic dental work. (more…)

Scheduling Treatment To Receive A Lifelike Dental Crown

How does a dental crown protect a tooth? Crowns completely cover teeth above the gum line, keeping them safe when they are injured or affected by severe decay. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we can determine if your tooth problem requires treatment with a crown, and make plans to take care of you. In addition to providing full dental crowns, we offer inlays and onlays that partially cover teeth and protect them against problems. If you are concerned about a crown’s impact on your appearance, you can be happy to know that restorations made from lifelike porcelain or zirconia are able to imitate healthy tooth structure.

What You Should Know If You Need Urgent Dental Care

In certain situations, dental work should take place as soon as possible. After a physical injury, or after tooth pain becomes too severe to ignore, you may need to look into emergency dental treatment to prevent a problem from worsening. Our Corona, CA dental office is prepared to help you if you require attention as soon as possible. During your emergency procedure, we will examine your smile, determine what kind of restorative dental work you require, and make sure your tooth trouble is resolved. If you are concerned about your appearance after treatment, you should know that we use dental restorations that can imitate healthy enamel, which means your smile can remain attractive after work is done to restore a problem tooth. (more…)

3 Treatments That Deliver Exciting Smile Changes

Unfortunately, there are many different issues that can make you reluctant to show off your smile. For some people, issues with the condition and shape of their teeth make them feel unattractive. For others, trouble with damage, wear and tear, and discoloration cause unhappiness. At our Riverside, CA dental office, we offer multiple cosmetic dental services that can take on dental flaws. The good news is that the right procedure can actually take on several problems at once. Because of this, you may find that just one procedure is all that it takes for you to enjoy meaningful smile changes! (more…)

3 Treatments That Can Improve The Look Of Discolored Teeth

Dental discoloration can affect many people, but not all people with this problem have it for the same reason. While it is common for dental discoloration to be connected with teeth stains, some patients who want to do something about the brightness of their smile need to address intrinsic discoloration. This term refers to any problem within the tooth structure that changes the color of your teeth. At our Moreno Valley, CA dental practice, we can evaluate your smile to see whether intrinsic discoloration has affected your appearance, or if you are someone who needs to address teeth stains. While teeth whitening treatments are effective at fighting stains, we may need to suggest another cosmetic dental procedure if internal problems are identified. (more…)

Are You Ready To Deal With Problems Caused By Missing Teeth?

If your smile is not complete, you can lack confidence in your smile, your oral health, and even in your ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods. People may put off prosthetic dental work because they feel intimidated by what treatment might require, or because they are unsure of what their treatment options include. At our Riverside, CA dental office, we can provide information on treatment to restore your full smile. Whether you need to replace one tooth, several teeth, or even an entire row, we can present helpful information on the recovery of your full smile and start planning exciting restorative dental improvements!