Positively Changing The Color Of Your Smile

Even if your teeth are healthy, a buildup of stains can make you less confident in their appearance. Discoloration can be a problem that worsens gradually, as many products we enjoy are capable of leaving behind particles that gradually accumulate. We can also experience changes in tooth color because of enamel erosion, in response to certain medications, or due to a change after physical trauma. Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office is ready to help patients confront their concerns about dental discoloration. While teeth whitening treatment is often the right solution, we also provide other cosmetic services for those patients who need to address intrinsic discoloration. (more…)

What To Expect When Several Teeth Need Treatment

There are times when a patient needs more than just one treatment to restore their oral health. It is possible for several cavities to form in between services, which can mean your Riverside, CA dentist has to address several issues to fully protect your smile. What should you expect if you find yourself in this situation? We can work with you to help you resolve all of the troubles you have with your oral health. In addition to identifying all of the teeth that need to be treated, we can check on the severity of decay affecting each one. By doing so, we can provide more information on how we can help, and how serious the problem is.

Planning A Personalized Full Mouth Reconstruction

For patients who have several teeth that need treatment, dental work may feel out of reach. Our Temecula, CA dentist’s office can work with you to make care more accessible when you need multiple procedures. When called for, we can create personalized full mouth reconstruction plans for our patients. Your plan will be constructed with your concerns in mind. That means we will discuss what specific services you require while making sure your treatment plan fits your needs. These plans can address more significant issues like severe tooth decay and tooth loss, but it can also address issues with damaged or otherwise flawed teeth that might be treatable with more conservative procedures.

Can One Dental Office See Your Entire Family?

Having access to the right dental care makes it easier to prevent cavities, maintain healthy gums, and generally keep your smile attractive and in good condition. A person’s needs from their dentist can change over time, but the right practice can actually help people of all ages maintain their well-being. At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we provide general services for adults as well as pediatric dental care for our younger patients. That means you can enjoy the convenience of bringing everyone to one location, and you can feel confident that everyone in your household has the right kind of oral health support! (more…)

Do You Have Daily Pain Due To TMJ Disorder?

If you currently deal with pain on a daily basis because your jaw is constantly stiff, sore, or otherwise uncomfortable, you should let your Riverside, CA dentist know about it. These issues are not something you have to simply put up with over time – they can point to an issue with TMJ disorder we can help you address! Several issues can lead to a person experiencing TMJ disorder. Problems with this condition can occur after an injury, due to an uneven bite movement, or because of teeth grinding issues. We can use a custom oral appliance to help by keeping your jaw in a more comfortable position. (more…)

Different Types Of Dental Crowns Available To Patients

There are different solutions we can offer when patients visiting our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office in need of treatment for poor oral health. This includes different types of dental crowns to address different degrees of damage or decay. We provide inlays and onlays, which provide partial tooth coverage, as well as full crowns that completely cover teeth above your gum line. Through treatment with these restorations, we can make sure you are able to bite and chew without difficulties, that you are protected against an infection of the tooth structure, and that you can smile with confidence. (more…)

How Exams Fit Into Cavity Prevention Efforts

Who is responsible for keeping your smile cavity-free? On a daily basis, you are the one who can protect your teeth from harmful decay. You do this by brushing and flossing thoroughly, as well as by making good choices when it comes to what you eat and drink. With that said, you may have a daily responsibility to care for your smile, but that does not mean you are the only one who can help you avoid cavity trouble! Our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help you stay healthy during your regular dental exams. During these visits, we provide dedicated teeth cleanings that remove the bacteria buildup that can cause a cavity to form. We also provide support in the form of early detection and treatment of problems that will call for restorative dental work. (more…)