Family Dentists of Moreno Valley, CA on Brushing the Teeth of Young Children

Toddler BrushingInstilling good dental self-care habits in your children may not guarantee against cavities, but it is a great start. Your family dentists of Moreno Valley, CA urge parents to begin introducing small children to regular oral hygiene before their first tooth erupts. Does that sound counter-intuitive? Well, even without an actual tooth to brush, wiping gums with a clean washcloth after feedings will get babies used to having their mouths cleaned. As teeth begin to erupt, we offer you this guide to early brushing.

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Have Fun Tonight, But Watch What Your Eat Before Bed

Heart Shaped ChocolatesThe day is here – February 14th: Valentine’s Day. Whether you are full of love for a significant other that you have been with for years and year, you have just started dating someone new, or you’re happily single and celebrating how much you love your independence, Valentine’s Day can be an indulgent holiday when it comes to eating sweets. Valentine’s treats come in so many shapes and sizes, but all with high amounts of cavity inducing sucrose. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group want you to have a very happy Valentine’s evening, but remind you to be mindful of what, how much, and when you consume various V-Day treats. (more…)

Dental Emergency Part 3: Loosened Teeth

Loose Permanent ToothMany people have nightmares about loosened permanent teeth. Once you have lost all of your baby teeth, and your adult teeth have grown in, you know that they are meant to stay rooted firmly in your mouth, hopefully for the rest of your life. The idea that you could sustain an injury or bacterial infection that might loosen a tooth poses a real threat that you’ll lose that tooth. In continuing with our blog series about dental emergencies, your Corona family dentists will discuss loosened teeth in adults.

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Temecula General Dentists Challenge You to a Tongue Quiz

Tongue OutThere is plenty of interesting trivia about the human tongue. Is it the strongest muscle in your body? Is it the only muscle that is not attached on both ends by connective tissue? Does it hold all but 10% of your taste buds? The answer to these questions is yes. Your Temecula general dentists from Oasis Family Dental would like to see what other tongue facts you are already aware of.


Q1. True or false – Taste buds die every few days. (more…)

Cracked Tooth FAQs from Riverside, CA General Dentists

CrackingNutTeethCracked teeth can present with a variety of symptoms. You might feel occasional pain when chewing, or if you drink or something with an extreme hot or cold temperature. Cracks are often difficult to diagnose if they aren’t extremely deep and obvious. They may not even show up on x-rays, and the pain comes and goes. Because of this, you may see your dentist several times before the crack is diagnosed. Your Riverside, CA general dentists at Riverside Dental Group will answer some FAQs on cracked teeth. (more…)

Dental Emergency Part 2: Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked Out ToothPart two of our series on how to deal with dental emergencies will focus on teeth that are knocked out completely, from the root. If you were ever to get injured to this degree and it was on a weekend or off hours, there’s a possibility you could think, “well, my tooth is knocked out anyway. There’s nothing the dentist can do right now. I’ll wait and call when the dentist is open.” However, a knocked out tooth is, in fact, a perfect example of something worthy of an immediate call to an emergency dentist. Your Corona general dentists will tell you about how to deal with teeth that are displaced from the roots. (more…)

Moreno Family Dentists Ask: Does Your Child Grind Their Teeth?

KidTakingQuizStress is something that we associate with being a grown up. Children are care-free little beings that enjoy their days running, playing, and being taken care of, right? It’s easy to assume that children don’t have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and it’s a nice thought. However, children often carry around just as much stress as we do; maybe even more, depending on the situation. One of the ways that adult stress manifests is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Your Moreno Valley family dentists will explain how teeth grinding can afflict children as well. (more…)