Moreno Valley Dentists Offer Dentures and Dental Implants

Dentures 1No one aims to lose their teeth, but these things can happen. There are many possible reasons for tooth loss. Even people that make the effort to go to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings can still succumb to decay, accidents, or get off track with their daily oral hygiene efforts. When your teeth are no longer a natural part of your mouth, there are various options to restore the form and function of your smile. Moreno Valley dentists at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley will impart you with knowledge of your options.

Dentures Explained

Dentures are comprised of acrylic composite material made to look like natural gum tissue, with attached tooth-like dental crowns. Traditional dentures sit on the top of your gums. The apparatus relies upon natural suction or store-bought adhesives to stay solidly in place. Unfortunately, eating certain foods or a change in your jawbone density or facial structure can cause some slipping. (more…)

Mom’s Help Kids Have Healthy Relationship with Going to the Dentist

MotherDautherBrushingMother’s Day recently passed, and you likely took some time to reflect and celebrate the woman that raised you. Moms have a special way about them. They know what to say when times are hard. They’re on the top of our list when we have good news to share.  You may even still find yourself calling mom when you’re sick or sad because of the way she soothes you.

Do you remember your mom teaching you to brush and floss your teeth? Was your mom the primary caregiver when it came to taking you to the dentist twice-a-year? The efforts of one’s maternal figure may have much to do with your long term dental health. Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona will talk about a British study that highlights the importance of a mother’s efforts to instill good oral hygiene practices in their offspring. (more…)

Fluoride Study Provides Interesting Information to Explain Effectiveness

Scientists with MicroscopeFluoride is something that you probably get a lot more of than you realize. If you drink and cook with your tap water, the supply is most likely fluoridated. Children generally get multiple fluoride treatments over the years of early preventive dental care. Temecula dentists at the Oasis Family Dental will share with you how the ACS journal Langumir recently printed new information about fluoride. This study shows that the strengthening aspects of fluoride might not be the main reason that the compound helps fight tooth decay.

Super Enamel

Tooth enamel is already the hardest substance in your body. In fact, enamel is so hard, it’s actually the second strongest compound in the entire world. How can something that hard ever be softened (more…)

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Braces

attractive smileYou don’t have to feel concerned that straightening your teeth means that you are sentenced to several years of a mouth full of metal. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group will answer frequently asked questions about the ever popular invisible alignment system, Invisalign – a cosmetic solution to braces.

FAQs About Cosmetic Braces

Q1. What dental problems constitute orthodontics?

A1. There are many reasons that a patient might opt for orthodontics. Poor spacing, over-crowded teeth, cross-bites, under-bites, and/or over-bites are all potential reasons for straightening teeth for a better cosmetic appearance and better overall dental health.

Q2. Better overall dental health? How do braces help that? (more…)

Riverside, CA Dentists Help Seal the Deal in Fighting Tooth Decay

KidsWidespread fluoridation of public water supplies hit a peak in the 1980s. What followed was a marked decline in tooth decay in the United States. Unfortunately, though, water fluoridation is just part of the preventive dentistry puzzle. The deep cracks, fissures, and valleys in teeth can harbor food particles and bacteria even with people that have meticulous brushing and flossing habits. The chewing surfaces of your teeth can require extra protection in the form of dental sealants. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group will go into further detail about dental sealants. (more…)

Test Yourself on Dental Implant Knowledge

True or false boardDental implants have a reputation for being a great option for restoring missing teeth. Implants offer you a beautiful, natural smile even after years of embarrassment from missing teeth. You can count on them to provide full function as well as aesthetic appeal. Unlike traditional dentures which can slip and slide when you attempt to do things like eat certain foods, your dental implants will remain firmly anchored. Try this quiz on dental implants from the Riverside, CA dentists, and see what you might already know.


Q1. True or false – Dental implants are made of porcelain-based posts which are inserted into the jawbone. (more…)

Moreno Valley Dentists Say Flouride is the Way to Battle Tooth Decay

Brush Teeth CloseAt this very moment, you could be one in five Americans that are going about their day with untreated tooth decay. In the early stages of a cavity, there are usually no symptoms. People that put off their preventive dental care (checkups every six months) are at a disadvantage, because your dentist may be the only one that can identify your cavity before it takes a deeper toll on your teeth. Your Moreno Valley dentists would like to tell you more about preventive measures you can take to prevent cavities, including fluoride.

Cavities Explained

A cavity is a space in your teeth caused by bacteria that has literally eaten away at the dentin (which makes up the bulk of each tooth). Cavities are usually not visible to the naked eye – not at first, anyway. Some people might notice a black spot in the middle of the affected tooth. Cavities can form in any tooth that has softened tooth enamel and has been exposed to certain bacteria. Your enamel is the outer layer of teeth and it is extremely hard and designed to protect from decay. When you eat or drink acidic or sugary foods, your enamel won’t be as strong. Poor dental hygiene and lack of dental care will seal the deal on likely cavities in your future. However, there is one element that can help you fight harder: fluoride.

Fluoride is Your Friend

The obvious way to take care of your teeth is to brush and floss twice-a-day. Make sure you use a fluoridated toothpaste, and possibly a germ killing mouthrinse. If your tap water supply is safe to drink, it is also likely infused with fluoride, so try to drink plenty of it. Not only will the fluoride strengthen your tooth enamel and make it slippery to bacteria, but the water will keep your salivary glands working properly, and assist them in the job of washing bacteria out of your mouth throughout the day.

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