Corona Dentist Details Harmful Halloween Candy

With each passing day, children move one step closer to donning their Halloween costumes. The ultimate goal of children everywhere on October 31st is singular: get candy. Some candies have ingredients that are more harmful to teeth than others. Today, the dentists at Dentistry of Corona will outline which candies to steer clear from on Halloween night.

Fruit Roll Out

Although few candy bars on the market still use real fruit, chocolate-covered raisins remain a staple in the treat arena. Milk chocolate poses fewer oral health risks than many other Halloween options, but raisins stick to, and between, teeth. Cavities, bacteria, and even abscesses can develop from food caught in teeth.So, chocolate is okay, but chocolate covered raisins are a no-no.


Riverside Dentist Discusses Lung Health and Gum Disease

Do you ever wonder about the role oral health plays in overall health? Recent studies are focusing on the connection between oral health and its relation to the rest of the body. The association between cardiovascular health and periodontal health is one of the connections scientists are continually exploring.

Other studies suggest certain respiratory infections could potentially be linked to your oral health as well. Your Riverside periodontist, Dr. David M. Ludwig, discusses the information contained within the recently conducted study, and how to maintain optimal periodontal health.

Study and Findings

According to a recent publication of the Journal of Periodontology, researchers suggest gum health could play a role in the health of people’s respiratory system. Respiratory infections affect a large number of patients from various age groups. Patients suffering from pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and other diseases were studied to determine the link between their periodontal health and current respiratory issues.


Riverside Dentist Discusses How to Avoid Bad Breath

Do you know a friend, coworker, or family member with bad breath? The development of foul breath could be caused by an array of factors, but studies show 80% of halitosis (chronic bad breath) cases develop orally. In some cases, conditions such as acid reflux or even liver disease can lead to the development of halitosis. Your Riverside dentist, Dr. Jay Elliot shares a few tips on how to avoid bad breath.

Avoid Bad Breath with an Oral Care Regimen

Improving oral health and hygiene is important for a number of reasons. Researchers continue to uncover links between oral health and overall health, connecting oral issues such asgum disease to other systemic health issues, including heart disease. Many people brush twice per day, but simply are not doing enough to ensure their entire mouth is clean and healthy.


Moreno Valley Dentist on Preventive Treatments for Children

Does your child often miss a few spots while brushing? As a child develops, so does their daily oral health regimen. Luckily, there are options available designed to help protect children’s teeth. Your Moreno Valley dentist, Dr. Tonia Cantrell shares some information about the preventive treatment options available to young patients in Moreno Valley.

Joyride on Fluoride

Topical fluoride treatments can be a great way to help protect children’s teeth. Many patients between the ages of six and eighteen find themselves at least with a moderate risk of developing dental caries. For patients over the age of six, the American Dental Association classifies them at moderate risk if one or two cavities occurred within three years. If your child progresses to moderate risk, topical fluoride treatments are recommended once every six months.


Riverside Dentist Discusses Advantages of Dental Implants

Is your smile less than perfect? If you’re suffering of tooth loss, dental implants might be a suitable solution to the problem.The causes of tooth loss can vary, as can the method by which teeth are replaced.The team at Riverside Dental Group offers a few reasons why dental implants could be right for you.

Dental Implants Can Last a Lifetime

For years, bridges and dentures provided a solution for patients suffering with tooth loss. However, modern dental implants boast a prosthetic that more closely imitates nature. Using implants to restore smiles is preferred by many patients due to their increased stability and a natural appearance, in comparison to dentures.


Riverside Dentists Discuss Dental Phobia and a Multi-Specialty Practice

Dental phobia is a serious problem which affects countless individuals. Neglecting dental visits due to fear can cause more oral issues as teeth remain untreated for long periods of time. Sometimes, poor oral health and dental phobia combine, snowballing into a situation seemingly too difficult to overcome. With a range of issues affecting phobic patients, a multi-specialty dental practice offers a unique opportunity.

What is Special About Multi-Specialty Dentistry?

One of the major obstacles dental practices run into with phobic patients is being able to provide them all the services needed under one roof. Phobic patients often find it difficult to stay motivated when it comes to correcting issues. If a phobic patient is referred to a specialist, the odds of following through with their treatment decrease when required to visit a separate office for consultation or procedural work.


Back to Oral Care Basics with Moreno Valley Dentist

The relationship between a healthy mouth and overall health is proven, and studies continue to uncover evidence linking the two. Proper oral care, hygiene habits, and a healthy diet could prevent you from developing serious systemic diseases. When was the last time you reviewed your oral care basics? Here are a few helpful reminders and oral care tips from your Moreno Valley dentists.

The Importance of Brushing

Brushing teeth is essential to plaque removal and overall health. In addition to cavity prevention, brushing helps removes the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease. Always brush twice each day, no matter what. To aid in cavity prevention, use fluoridated toothpaste.