Temecula Family Dentists Explain Full-Mouth Restoration

SmileGuyYou may have heard of a smile makeover, which is where a patient is in need of multiple cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. You can compare it to an a la carte menu, where you pick and choose the procedures that best suit your needs to create the smile of your dreams. Full-mouth restoration is similar in a lot of ways, but solely focuses on the functionality of your teeth without concern for cosmetics. Your Temecula family dentists at the Oasis Family Dental, will tell you more about full-mouth restoration. (more…)

Come On, Get Happy, with Your Riverside, CA Family Dentists

HappyKidsDo you think you smile because you’re happy, or are you happy because you smile? It’s natural to think that a smile is just a side effect of feeling warm and fuzzy inside. However, the reverse can be true – the act of smiling can actually bring about a feeling of happiness. In fact, one research study in England discovered that smiling produces significant endorphins. If you find yourself feeling a little low, your Riverside, CA family dentists offer you four ways to feel happier and smile more. (more…)

Moreno Valley Dentists Offer Smile Makeovers

Happy Thumbs Up GuySmiling is known to improve your quality of life. As you contort the 44 muscles in your face into a joyous smile, you are giving yourself a happier life.  Yearbook photo smiles have proven to indicate future career and relationship successes. Smiling releases endorphins just like winning a small lottery or eating chocolate. If you feel trapped behind a smile that makes you want to keep your mouth closed at all costs, then you are missing out on one of life’s basic pleasures. We all deserve to feel confident with our smiles. Your Moreno Valley dentists will tell you today about something called a smile makeover. (more…)

Dental Emergency Part 1: Tooth and Jaw Fractures

PunchingToday, your Corona dentists at Riverside Dental Group will begin the first in a four part blog series about various types of dental injuries and emergencies. One common injury that can affect your teeth or your jaw are fractures. Fractures can be of varying depths, but a fracture is essentially defined as a break.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If you sustain an injury to your tooth, and you can tell that it is fractured, or it feels funny even if you can’t see a fracture, quick action is important. With the condition of cracked tooth syndrome, early identification can help you save your tooth from a possible full extraction. It’s (more…)

Reasons for Gum Recession Explained by Riverside Dentists

Straight TeethAn unpleasant dental issue that many patients can recognize for themselves is gum recession. Symptoms can include toothaches and loose teeth. There are also tell-tale physical signs. Someone with severe enough gum recession might notice that their teeth appear longer than they used to. Gum tissue might seem to be shrinking away. If you notice symptoms like these, you should definitely call your dentist right away. Your Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group, will describe two of the main reasons for gum recession. (more…)

Oral HPV Testing Explained By Temecula Dentists

Three WomenIf you are a woman you have quite possibly been tested for HPV (human papillomavirus) by your gynecologist. You may be surprised to know that the very same virus can be discovered through a pap smear, can also be found in your mouth. Approximately 20 million people in America are currently infected with HPV, and roughly 6 million new cases are discovered each and every year. Your Temecula dentists at Oasis Family Dental, explain how the presence of oral HPV heightens the risk of oral cancer, and why you should ask your dentist about oralDNA testing. (more…)

Stress and Dental Health: A Quiz from Your Riverside Dentists

QuizWe relate stress to our physical health. Too much worry and tension could lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and a lower quality of life, among other detrimental side effects. What about your teeth? Well, they can run the risk of damage from too much stress. Do you know why? Try this quiz from our Riverside dentists at Riverside Dental Group and see how many questions you can answer correctly.


Q1. True or false – Stress can cause cavities. (more…)