Answering a Few Questions About Cavities

Did you know that cavities are the most common chronic dental condition for both kids and adults? In fact, more than 90 percent of people will experience at least one cavity in their lifetime. However, how severe that cavity becomes and how much affects the rest of your oral health depends on how soon you seek treatment for it. At our Riverside, CA, dental office, we can help you improve your chances of preventing a cavity from developing. Or, we can comfortably and discreetly treat any cavity that has already developed, preferably as early as possible. (more…)

Is Treating Sleep Apnea Really Beneficial?

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is more common than many people believe. Even when they don’t realize that they have it, the disorder can have a significant impact on the overall quality of their sleep. At our Moreno Valley, CA, dental office, we can help may patients who suffer from sleep apnea enjoy a much better quality of sleep, and the many different benefits that come with it.  With a custom-designed sleep appliance, we can help you address the causes that lead to sleep apnea and help you enjoy the peaceful, restful sleep you deserve, every night. (more…)

The Compounding Risks of Untreated Bruxism

Having bruxism means that you grind your teeth more often than you realize. You may do it unconsciously throughout the day, catching yourself now and then and forcing your teeth to stop. Or, like most patients who have bruxism, you may grind your teeth more often at night while you’re asleep and unable to stop yourself at all. At our Riverside, CA, dental office, we’ve helped many patients avoid or recover from complex oral health issues by diagnosing and treating their bruxism, often with a comfortable, custom-designed oral appliance. (more…)

Your Riverside Dentist Highlights: Shocking Paths Toward Tooth Loss!

There are those pathways that lead you toward tooth loss that don’t surprise you in the least. When you eat something incredibly hard, you carry something with your smile (instead of your hands), you get hit in the face but you forgot to wear your athletic mouthguard: You can see the connection between the cause and the effect. However, there are other pathways that might lead to the eventual loss of your teeth that you just never expect, explains your Riverside dentist. Take a moment with our Riverside, CA team to gain new knowledge, so you’ll be even better prepared to keep your teeth!


Dental Care: Ask Yourself, “What Can I Change?”

Your Temecula dentist recognizes that you may occasionally get a bit caught up in the details of your smile in regard to the things you cannot always do much about. You cannot make your smile look just like someone else’s. You cannot turn back the hands of time and stop a cavity from developing that is already there. However, you can make an exceptionally long list of changes to the majority of your experience with dental care. The result, explains your Temecula dentist, is that you can enact change for the better, which lets you better control the results. Learn more from our Temecula, CA practice, as you see that you actual have more power than you realize in regard to your oral health (and your appearance, too)!


Let Your Corona Dentist See Your Smile If…

There’s a lot that goes into thinking about coming in to our Corona, CA practice for some of our patients. If you’re quite the thinker and contemplating is your thing, then instead of simply scheduling a visit when you may require one, you consider lots of details. Maybe you want cosmetic care, so you think about the different treatments available, what they might cost, you ask around if any friends have undergone treatment, etc. Maybe you need help with your oral health, so you spend a lot of time looking up symptoms online. We understand. However, we also remind you that in nearly every case, you should probably just make life easy and let your Corona dentist see your smile! Consider some examples.


Remember These Factors About Salivating!

Your Riverside dentist knows that when you think about your oral health, you think about avoiding sugar, brushing, flossing, coming in for preventive visits, and more. However, one of those big factors that may not even cross your mind (but that impacts your smile every day) is the fact that you salivate! Did you know that salivating is a big deal and that, when you know more about it, the details can actually help you protect your teeth and gums? Think about some details to remember as offered by our Riverside, CA practice and you may see a turn for the better in your dental care.