How Porcelain Veneers Provide Personalized Smile Treatment

How is it possible for one form of cosmetic dental treatment to address the needs of many different patients? Porcelain veneers are often seen as an effective means of addressing issues like discoloration, problems with dental damage, and even difficulties with the alignment of teeth. To make sure that the procedure provides the results that you are looking for, your Riverside, CA dentist will take care to closely measure your teeth so that personalized veneers can be made. With custom veneers, we can take care of the flaws that you are particularly interested in resolving so that you can complete treatment with renewed confidence! (more…)

Discussing Concerns About Teeth Stains With Your Dentist

If you are growing uncomfortable with how the color of your smile has changed, you may feel compelled to switch to a toothpaste that claims to whiten teeth. If this proves less effective than you hoped, you may choose to try a store bought whitening kit. Patients who have grown concerned about noticeable teeth stains may see that this approach also offers more limited changes than they wished to see. What can you do at this point is talk with your Riverside, CA dentist’s office about professional teeth whitening treatment. A professional treatment can take care of stains that have proven difficult to remove. To find the right treatment approach for you, we can discuss the benefits of scheduling an in-office whitening procedure as well as talk you through the use of a take-home whitening kit from your dentist. (more…)

3 Reasons To Be Consistent With Routine Dental Exams

How reliable are you when it comes to scheduling and attending routine dental exams? Are you someone who dependably sees your dentist every six months, or have you fallen out of the habit of going in for preventive care? Missing appointments can be more harmful than you realize. You may not notice when a cavity forms, which means it will keep growing and spreading until there are issues with your oral health that you cannot ignore. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to give patients important feedback about the condition of their teeth, gums, and oral structures. (more…)

Are You Going To Need Root Canal Therapy For Your Cavity?

After a cavity forms, it will be necessary to completely remove the infected tissues and bacteria in order to protect your tooth. In some cases, this can be done by removing a portion of your enamel where decay became a problem. In others, it may be necessary to perform root canal therapy to properly remove all bacteria and traces of infection. Our Corona, CA dentist’s office is prepared to provide root canal therapy when necessary. With that said, we can help you avoid this treatment by regularly checking on the condition of your teeth during dental exams and alerting you to trouble with tooth decay before advanced work is needed. (more…)

Discover What Tooth Bonding And Contouring Can Do For You

While some people are fortunate enough to have a smile they love to show off, others can be self-conscious about the way they look. If you are someone who has doubts about their appearance because of issues that make certain teeth look unflattering, you can talk to your dentist about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry. Through cosmetic dental work, you can have exciting changes made to the shape, size, color, and alignment of teeth in order to produce meaningful smile improvements. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we offer more than one approach to making cosmetic changes. Through tooth bonding and contouring work, we can carefully modify teeth to improve them while minimizing actual changes to your enamel. (more…)

What Patients Should Know About Tooth Extraction

While tooth extraction is something your dentist will try to avoid, a tooth’s health can deteriorate so much that the only treatment option left is to remove it. If you are in a situation where an extraction has to be arranged, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can address the matter in order to protect your oral health and allow you to recover from the effect the tooth has had on you. After the removal occurs, we can make plans to restore your smile through prosthetic dental work. While we are prepared to perform extractions for patients, it should be noted that you can lower your risk for needing this work when you consistently schedule and attend routine dental exams. These visits allow us to spot and treat concerns before there are complications that put teeth at risk. (more…)

Common Patient Concerns Before Cavity Treatment

While you can be unhappy to learn that you need to have a cavity treated, you can find that letting the problem go unresolved can have serious consequences. Over time, decay will worsen and do more damage to your tooth structure. The problem can become even more serious when your tooth becomes infected, something that will happen if treatment does not take place in time. Patients at our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can make sure that your tooth is effectively restored with a dental filling or dental crown. When performing this work, we will make sure decay is fully removed and that the tooth receives necessary support so that you can remain confident in its health and appearance. (more…)