Sleep Apnea Questions: No, We Won’t Think You’re Weird 

If you think that you are the very first patient to ever feel a bit uncomfortable about coming in to talk with us about your possible sleep apnea concern, then we would really love for you to realize: You are not! Of course, this type of issue can naturally come with some amount of emotional discomfort or uncertainty because it might be impacting you … but you can only guess that it’s happening because you’re sleeping through it. Symptoms may be tipping you off. Or, a loved one may have mentioned you should see our Riverside, CA team for sleep apnea treatment. We get it. You feel a little strange about it. However, do remember, we don’t think you’re weird! Consider some additional details!


Possibilities: When You Don’t Ignore Your Toothache

Most of the time, our Riverside, CA team spends time talking about what happens when you ignore your toothache, why you shouldn’t do it, and so on and so forth. However, today, we thought we would take a look at the flip side of this topic, as we explore the possible paths you may find yourself on, should you decide to become quite proactive and act when you notice your tooth hurts! As you might have already realized, no matter the result of your journey, the outcome will always include good things for your oral health!


Simple (But Important) Mouthguard Reminders From Your Temecula Dentist

Your Temecula dentist is on the scene and is ready to talk with you about mouthguards! As you know, a guard is something that we offer for a variety of reasons at our Temecula, CA practice! Some patients may wear athletic mouthguards to protect their oral health during sports. Others may wear this oral appliance as part of a more serious therapy, such as for treatment of issues like bruxism disorder, sleep apnea, and more! While they may all be slightly different and offer an array of benefits, depending on their specific uses, there are some reminders you can apply to all mouthguards that will be very helpful! Learn more!


Could These Signs Actually Be Hints of Bruxism?

Bruxism, which is the clinical name for chronic, uncontrollable teeth-grinding, can often become a problem long before you realize it. Because the causes of it vary, you may not realize that you’re at risk for it. Once it starts, it often occurs when you don’t notice it or least expect it, such as when you sleep at night. At our Riverside, CA, dental office, we can help you determine early if you exhibit signs of bruxism, and whether you should seek treatment for it before the condition leads to more severe issues. (more…)

4 Important Chip Facts From Your Riverside Dentist 

Unless you have ever actually followed through on learning more about the tooth chip (or tooth chips) you’ve incurred, then you probably don’t have a lot of definitive, factual information about them. Are they dangerous for your smile, for instance? Are they treatable? Will they go away over time? We remind you that though these are little in size, our Riverside, CA team is aware that they are significant in their impact on how you feel and look! So, let our Riverside dentist share some important facts with you that should help get those questions answered right up!


Your Moreno Valley Dentist Says: Watch For Hidden Fall Smile Hazards! 

How could there possibly be anything dangerous happening over the course of this thoroughly beloved time of the year, you wonder? It’s fall! Hidden smile hazards, you think to yourself? Hiding where? Under piles of golden-and-red leaves? Within the beautifully lux, chunky sweaters that make autumn so truly cuddly and fantastic? Well, actually, no. Our Moreno Valley, CA team simply wants you to remember that the colder months are often accompanied by an increase in rich, sugary, spiced foods! Some are just fine. However, your Moreno Valley dentist also reminds you: Some are not! Let’s discuss.


Upcoming Moments When Forgetting Sleep Treatment Is Easy! 

No matter the week, month, time of year, etc., there are always distractions that can get in your way, causing you to end up doing something else instead of remembering to use your sleep apnea treatment! With that said, now that we’re headed toward Halloween, we want you to consider the fact that these upcoming months may contain some changes well into the New Year that may leave you getting into bed and then waking up in the morning, realizing that you got into bed yet again without your nightguard! Fortunately, you’ve got our Riverside, CA team on your side to help you with some simple reminders!