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Your Temecula Dentist Talks: Tori!

Your Temecula dentist reminds you that we have seen and heard about nearly any oral health concern you can imagine. As a result, when you come to us stating that you have bumps beneath your tongue and you feel shaken up, we will likely quickly tell you that it’s nothing to worry about. But how… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist Talks: Cavity Stuff You Don’t Realize

There are some things that you just know when it comes to cavities. You know they’re not great. You know that they tend to show up because you need to take better care of your teeth (or avoid something like too many sodas). However, your Corona dentist reminds you that you may not know as… Read more »

Your Sort-Of-Misaligned Smile: Your Temecula Dentist Helps

What’s your smile look like? Are you one of those patients whose smile is sort of misaligned but not so crooked, spaced, or otherwise that you need braces? Where does that leave you, you wonder? Are you without options for achieving a beautiful smile that’s straight and appealing? Are you going to have to just… Read more »

Talk To Your Corona Dentist About: Sensitivity

There are times in your life when dental sensitivity may show up. You may immediately recognize what the problem is. Or, you may feel like you have no idea where to begin. The thing you’ll be happy to hear is that when sensitivity makes itself known, you can immediately seek help from your Corona dentist,… Read more »

3 Times Your Moreno Valley Dentist Wishes You’d Keep An Open Mind

While you may not have ever thought about dental care from our perspective before when it comes to giving your smile the attention it needs, you may be a bit surprised by a unique way of looking at things from our side. Today, your Moreno Valley dentist would like you to consider a few times… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Helps You Care For Your Whitened Smile

Hooray! What a wonderful sight it is when you see your very white smile in your reflection or in a photograph. No more staining, yellowing, or dimming that makes you cringe when you see this facial feature. Instead, you just see a grin that glows! So, what’s next, now that you’ve reached your main goal?… Read more »

Sealants And Adulthood: Secrets From Your Corona Dentist

Okay, they’re not really secrets that your Corona dentist would like to share with you. However, when it comes to learning about dental sealants, the details that can prove surprisingly beneficial to you as you make choices for yourself or your children can seem like mysterious secrets that you’ve never quite stumbled across once you… Read more »