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Smile Care: Your “Never, Sometimes, Always” List! 

When it comes to receiving answers about your smile care from our Riverside, CA team, you know that there’s always a good explanation for our response. However, beyond the reasoning and the smaller details, there’s one thing that always helps you to move forward and make the right choices: It’s knowing whether a particular habit… Read more »

How To Achieve A Glittering Holiday Grin 

When you visualize the holiday parties that are ahead, you imagine twinkling, sparkling brightness and snow-capped everything! Unfortunately, if the second the thought of your smile enters the picture, you immediately feel that visualize grow dim or less than merry, it’s time for the help of our Temecula, CA team! We are well aware of… Read more »

Are You Creating The Room For Good Smile Habits?

Are you giving yourself the room that you need in order to form and maintain good habits for your oral health, our Corona, CA team wonders? If you’re not entirely sure what we mean by this, then let’s begin by asking how your approach to dental care is going. If you feel as though everything… Read more »

What Your Good Flossing Habits Mean For You! 

Are you someone who has very good flossing habits? If so, then our Moreno Valley, CA team knows you floss once every day and you’re doing so in a manner that is gentle enough to avoid irritation but thorough enough to remove plaque from between teeth (and just beneath your gumline). While this may just… Read more »

Smile Problems You Don’t Realize Require Our Attention 

Did you know that there are some smile problems that you may brush off because you think they’re just “no big deal” … that actually require the attention of our Riverside, CA team? You may guess that you’re very attuned to your body and smile and, as a result, could never possibly overlook a symptom… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Offers: Benefits Of Fillings Beginning With “C”

If you ever sit down to talk with our Temecula, CA team about the benefits of dental fillings (remember, we offer tooth-colored fillings at our practice), then you will find we could go on for quite a long time, explaining what makes them so wonderful! From your perspective, though, we realize you’d like some quick,… Read more »

Holiday Time: Your Corona Dentist Helps You Keep Your Teeth 

Of all of the long list of expectations you have about the holiday season, some good, some bad, one of the important details we would love for you to consider (but that you probably overlook)? The fact that this time of year, the chance of dealing with damage or even the loss of your teeth… Read more »