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Let’s Talk About Keeping Your Child Safe From Cavities

You want to take great care of your kids, and give them the skills and knowledge to care for themselves as they age. Dental health is something to focus on at an early age. After all, once a child’s teeth start to arrive, they become vulnerable to dental decay just like adults! At our Riverside,… Read more »

Our Dental Office Can Provide Dependable Care For Kids

By making sure your child’s smile receives quality care from the moment their teeth begin to arrive, you can help them avoid oral health difficulties. This commitment to their dental health can help them avoid developmental concerns, and grow up with a smile that is lovely and healthy. It is difficult to overstate the importance… Read more »

Tips For Helping Kids Develop Good Oral Health Habits

As soon as a child’s teeth start to arrive, parents have to concern themselves with protecting those teeth against decay. While kids typically pick up the responsibilities of brushing and flossing their own teeth at a relatively early age, the support you give them before and after this point can help stay safe against dental… Read more »

Tips To Help Your Kids Avoid Poor Brushing Habits

By instilling the value of good oral health in your kids at an early age, you can help them enjoy a lifetime with healthy teeth! There are many lessons that you will need to impart to your youngsters as they learn to care for themselves. When they are old enough to start brushing and flossing… Read more »

Tips To Help Your Kids Commit To Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing and flossing may not be your child’s favorite activities, but they are two important practices that they should stick to in order to avoid dental problems. Kids, like adults, can avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease when they maintain good oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately, kids differ from adults in an important way… Read more »

Oral Health Support At An Early Age Can Have Lasting Value

What challenges do kids face when it comes to preventing oral health problems? Kids can have a harder time making smart, smile-friendly diet choices, which can raise their risk for cavities. They can also struggle because they are less informed on the benefits of a healthy smile. While parents are directly involved with caring for… Read more »

Is My Child Old Enough To Brush And Floss Their Own Teeth?

Even at a young age, kids can be eager to try more things, and to do more for themselves. Of course, as parents can attest, they sometimes overestimate their readiness for certain tasks. When they are ready, your child will begin to brush and floss their own teeth. After years of having their teeth cared… Read more »