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Stop Letting Worn Or Misshapen Teeth Affect Your Smile!

You can look at older photos of your smile and tell that your appearance has changed between then and now. The question is, what actually happened to affect your confidence in the way you look? Gradual changes over time can leave teeth looking dull or discolored. Unfortunately, these problems can sometimes be hard to avoid…. Read more »

Solutions For Smile Flaws That Make People Self-Conscious

Losing confidence in your smile can have negative impacts on you socially, as you can grow self-conscious in situations where you feel people can see the dental flaws that concern you. Problems with discoloration, dental damage, and malocclusion can change how you are perceived, and may even make you appear less healthy. At our Temecula,… Read more »

Veneers Can Address Multiple Smile Flaws In One Procedure

While dental health is obviously important, a person can become self-conscious about a healthy smile when they have noticeable issues with discolored, worn, or misshapen teeth. If you have several teeth with appearances that make you unhappy, or if you have more than one problem to address, you may worry that the process of improving… Read more »

Planning Cosmetic Dental Treatment For Multiple Teeth

While some people can point to a single tooth as being responsible for their smile flaws, many others have several concerns that they would like to address. What can you expect from cosmetic dental work if you are interested in having work done on multiple teeth? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we offer procedures… Read more »

Should I Choose To Take Home A Professional Whitening Kit?

Should you choose to do something about your smile by addressing teeth stains? Taking on the particles that have gathered on your enamel and dulled your smile can be beneficial, but the right treatment option can be important. People who decide to fight stains with store bought products they find at their local store or… Read more »

What Can I Do To Restore My Smile After Chipping A Tooth?

You can start your day with confidence in your smile, but that positive feeling can evaporate the moment you chip your tooth. Even a relatively small amount of damage in the right location can be a big problem for your appearance. The chip itself can make a tooth look less attractive, and the damage can… Read more »

Make Plans To Reshape Teeth That Look Jagged Or Uneven

The quality of your smile can be affected by many different concerns. Common concerns include problems like dental discoloration, dental damage, or issues with the way your teeth are aligned. You may not think about the shape of teeth as a big issue, but one jagged or uneven tooth can be a big issue for… Read more »