Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

How Custom Veneers Make Big Smile Improvements

Why would someone who wants to make big changes to their smile hesitate to talk to their dentist about cosmetic dentistry? Unfortunately, if you have too many improvements that you hope to make, it can feel as though your ideal smile is not within reach. However, when you actually bring up the subject of treatment,… Read more »

Learn Your Treatment Options For Dental Discoloration

People who express concerns about their smile are often self-conscious about the color of their teeth. Discoloration is frequently linked to the accumulation of stains, which can leave your enamel dull and unsightly. However, this is not the only cause of this problem, as changes to your tooth structure can make your smile appear dull… Read more »

Addressing Questions About Tooth Bonding

Are you really ready to commit to cosmetic dental work? Before you answer this question, you should know that the right procedure can require less time and effort than you anticipate! At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can discuss the changes made possible by tooth bonding and contouring services. For many people who want to look… Read more »

Bring Us Your Questions About Porcelain Veneers

How would you like to show off a smile that is brighter, more symmetrical, and free from problems caused by wear and tear or damage? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can take on all of these issues through treatment with porcelain veneers. Veneers are a treatment option that can lead to striking improvements… Read more »

Restoring Cracked Enamel Through Bonding Treatment

Unfortunately, one cracked tooth can effectively take away the confidence you have in your smile. Because our teeth are limited in their ability to heal after physical harm, this is a problem that can remain until you seek the appropriate care. What you can feel relieved to hear is that you may be fine after… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Reshape And Restore Your Chipped Tooth

One chipped tooth can make a big impact on your appearance. Even if your tooth is still healthy, it can be difficult to smile or even speak with confidence, as you worry about the impact that your misshapen tooth has on how others perceive you. Your Temecula, CA dentist’s office is here to help, as… Read more »

How Convenient Is Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Is a professional teeth whitening treatment really something that you can fit into your current routine, or will you have to take care to accommodate it? Many people feel that their smile could be brighter, but it can feel as though you simply cannot make time for a treatment to restore the color of your… Read more »