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Decision-Making Details About Dentures 

Of course, you may recognize that full and partial dentures are an option that our Corona, CA practice provides. However, as far as whether they may fit into your life (and into your smile!), now that you’re trying to figure out how to address your tooth loss, well … this may feel like very confusing… Read more »

Things That Just Aren’t True About Veneers

Your Corona dentist knows, of course, that if you have spent any amount of time searching porcelain veneers online or talking about them with friends, or even if you have heard rumors about celebrities and their smile makeovers, you may have some inaccurate information about this cosmetic treatment. While it’s wonderful to want to become… Read more »

Answers To Your Toothbrush Questions: From Your Corona Dentist

Do you have some questions about your toothbrush? Would you really love answers to those inquiries that leave you feeling exceptionally perplexed about this otherwise simple aspect of your daily smile care? Remember that our Corona, CA team is here for the little things, the big questions, and all of the care you need in… Read more »

Come In For These Improvements With Your Corona Dentist

If you are already familiar with our Corona, CA dental practice, then you know that we offer an exceptionally varied and complete selection of dental care treatments that will help you both maintain a presently healthy smile and that will offer you improvements, when you need them. So, today, your Corona dentist asks: What is… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist Talks About: Making Your Smile Look Better

When you think about the way your smile looks right now and then you reflect on the way you wish your smile looked, you realize something isn’t really on track. Your dream smile is much more attractive than the present reality. So, does this mean you’re stuck with what you’ve got you wonder? Our Corona,… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist Explains: Metal Braces Offer Major Benefits! 

You might have thought you were going to stroll into our Corona, CA practice, let us know that you’re ready for clear braces, and that would be that. However, what you may have discovered is that you’re actually a much better candidate for metal braces. At first, you may feel a bit disappointed that you’ll… Read more »

Think You Know Dental Implants? Find Out!

If you’ve lost one or more teeth and are searching for the most lifelike way to replace them, you may have already heard of dental implants. Yet, with so much information to sort through, how can you be sure that they’re really the best choice for rebuilding your smile? At our Corona, CA, dental office,… Read more »