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Are You Creating The Room For Good Smile Habits?

Are you giving yourself the room that you need in order to form and maintain good habits for your oral health, our Corona, CA team wonders? If you’re not entirely sure what we mean by this, then let’s begin by asking how your approach to dental care is going. If you feel as though everything… Read more »

Holiday Time: Your Corona Dentist Helps You Keep Your Teeth 

Of all of the long list of expectations you have about the holiday season, some good, some bad, one of the important details we would love for you to consider (but that you probably overlook)? The fact that this time of year, the chance of dealing with damage or even the loss of your teeth… Read more »

Your Corona Dentist Explains: Things Your Smile Is Not! 

You may not even have any idea that this is the case … but you may have some ideas about what your smile is that aren’t at all accurate. How has this happened, you wonder? Well, sometimes you make assumptions. Sometimes you hear something and just accept it as fact. Our Corona, CA team reminds… Read more »

Autumnal Temptation At Your Workplace: Your Corona Dentist Helps!  

With autumn comes a whole lot of temptation, thanks to the exceptionally tasty treats, beverages, candies, and more than accompany this time of year! What’s better than getting to wear your favorite sweater? Why, wearing your favorite sweater, as you sip hot cocoa topped with whipped cream and caramel drizzle, of course! See what our… Read more »

Fulfilling Changes For Your Smile: From Your Corona Dentist 

Did you know that with just a single change or two, you can turn your dental care routine at home into something that’s much more fulfilling? Since you may find yourself on autopilot or simply feel like you’re missing details that could really help (but you’re not sure how to begin investigating your options), our… Read more »

Decision-Making Details About Dentures 

Of course, you may recognize that full and partial dentures are an option that our Corona, CA practice provides. However, as far as whether they may fit into your life (and into your smile!), now that you’re trying to figure out how to address your tooth loss, well … this may feel like very confusing… Read more »