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Is Your Dental Sensitivity A Symptom Of Tooth Decay?

If your tooth reacts badly when exposed to hot or cold items, or if you frequently have to limit pressure on it because it has become sensitive, you should worry about a potential dental problem. Sensitivity, pain, and other issues like swelling and discoloration can warn you that a tooth needs to be treated for… Read more »

Choosing The Right Dental Crown To Fully Protect Your Tooth

When a dental filling is not going to offer enough support for a tooth, your Corona, CA dentist will turn to a dental crown to make sure you have lasting support. While dental fillings only provide support at the site where a cavity was removed, crowns provide a larger coverage area in order to offer… Read more »

How Your Periodontal Health Impacts Your Well-Being

How worried should you really be if you experience problems with gingivitis? While there is time to address gingivitis before permanent issues occur, an infection can be more harmful than you realize. In time, a periodontal infection can become a permanent problem, one that leads to the destruction of tissues that support your teeth. In… Read more »

Tired All The Time? It Could Become A Problem For Your Smile

If you need one cup of coffee after another to complete your day, it seems safe to assume you are struggling with a lack of restful sleep. This can make it harder for you to maintain a positive mood, it can hurt your short-term memory, and it can affect your energy levels. What you might… Read more »

Our Approach To Cavity Care Can Preserve A Confident Smile

If you learn that you have a cavity, the news can understandably strike a blow against your confidence in your oral care routine. However, you should know that the matter can be addressed without creating an issue for the confidence you have in your smile! At our Corona, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to… Read more »

3 Smart Tips To Help You Avoid Future Dental Troubles

Are you eager to see your dentist to have a cavity treated? For people who have an issue with decay to address, it can be important to make a visit a priority. Of course, if you feel confident your smile is problem-free, your goal can be to go as long as possible without scheduling restorative… Read more »

Tartar Buildup Can Become A Problem For Your Smile

Why should you worry about the accumulation of tartar on your teeth? The buildup of this unwelcome substance can make it harder for you to prevent oral health problems that require restorative dental treatment, it can raise your risk for periodontal problems, and it can even impact your appearance. Unsightly accumulations of tartar at the… Read more »