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3 Qualifying Factors For Implants

When it comes to qualifying for dental implants, there’s a lot more to consider than you may think. First, it is – of course – essential that your smile can support implants, otherwise you will not be able to successfully receive them. However, it is also quite significant that implants meet your qualifications for a… Read more »

3 Benefits Of Crowns For Teens

Have we suggested that your teenager receive a dental crown? If so, you are likely already aware that this restorative treatment has been suggested conservatively to promote the improved health – and long-term protection – of your child’s smile. However, you may wonder if this is a good idea and how it will affect your… Read more »

2 Things To Consider About Veneers

Are you giving some serious thought to choosing porcelain veneers to change the way your smile looks in dramatic fashion? If so, you’re thinking about taking a path that is well known for offering significant transformations. While the benefits are wonderful – you can customize just about any aspect of your teeth that you dislike, from… Read more »

2 Ways To Fix Little Cosmetic Problems

Even little tiny cosmetic problems can lead to a smile that completely dissatisfies you. The not-so-great news is that patients often avoid seeking out improvement for these minor complaints because they assume we will not take the issues seriously or that we will suggest complex treatment. Neither of these assumptions is true! First, we take… Read more »

Dental Emergencies: Don’t Panic

The great news is that we offer emergency dental care for those moments you least expect (when you are in serious need of assistance). However, the bad news is that patients often panic, even though they are aware hope and help are on the horizon. As a result, we have gathered some helpful suggestions to… Read more »

What Are Tannins, and How Do They Affect Teeth?

Sometimes, nature can be a little complex, and not as cut-and-dry as many people may wish. This principle can be observed throughout nature, and one example has important implications when dealing with oral health. Tannins, for instance, are plant compounds that contain numerous properties, some of which can ease jaw pain, and some of which… Read more »