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Reviewing Different Teeth Whitening Services

You can find yourself growing less happy with your smile over time, as the stains you pick up can leave your enamel looking dull and unappealing. This can certainly be a frustrating issue, and it can prove difficult to address when you rely on store bought products to fight it. At our Moreno Valley, CA… Read more »

Information About Dental Work With Crowns

Although they are not needed during every restorative dental treatment, there are times when you will require care in the form of a dental crown. Should you be nervous upon hearing that this type of restoration is needed? While a crown does cover more of your tooth than a dental filling would, its placement provides… Read more »

Treating Dental Damage Linked To Past Bruxism Issues

When a person begins to grind and clench their teeth during their rest, they can start to have issues with pain and sensitivity each morning. This can be just the start of their concerns, as over time that wear and tear can lead to noticeable damage that affects their appearance as well as their oral… Read more »

Regular Teeth Cleanings And Exams Help You Prevent Cavities

There are steps you should take each day to protect yourself against oral health issues. Brushing, flossing, and taking care of your teeth with your diet choices will help you avoid difficulties, but you should not rely on these actions alone. You should also take advantage of the preventive services that are offered during routine… Read more »

Restoring Your Unhealthy Tooth By Placing A Filling

The unfortunate truth is that you will not heal from a cavity on your own. Even after your dentist removes bacteria and treats the affected area, your enamel will have permanent damage that has to be addressed. The good news is that you can have work done to fully restore your tooth without experiencing an… Read more »

Address Enamel Wear And Tear With Veneers

While some degree of wear and tear can be difficult to avoid, it can be concerning to see just how much friction can affect your teeth through the years. Enamel erosion can age your smile, leading to unwelcome changes in the way you look that you are eager to address. Fortunately, you can do something… Read more »

Discovering What TMJ Treatment Can Do For You

When you start to experience jaw pain on a frequent basis, you should look into treatment from your dentist. This pain can be a sign that you are suffering from TMJ disorder, a problem that negatively affects the way many people bite, chew, and speak. Until it is dealt with, you can experience worsening discomfort,… Read more »