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3 Things Oral Surgery Is For Your Smile

When you hear that you require oral surgery, all you might be able to think about is the fact that you need something more intensive than your run of the mill restorative procedure like a filling. What you might easily end up completely ignoring is the fact that this type of care can provide you… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Talks: Elective Wisdom Teeth Removal

As you know, when your Moreno Valley dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal, it’s often because of a serious issue like impacted teeth. Or, your teeth are growing in such a way that they will likely press against your other teeth, which can result in some pretty gnarly results (like teeth that move out of place)…. Read more »

Life With Invisalign: Things You’ll Get Used To

At first glance, life with Invisalign treatment may seem easy enough. Nobody can really see your trays. You’re headed toward a straight smile. What could be better? Only then, you wonder about something. Then you wonder about something else. Before you know it, you’re starting to doubt how easy it is to go through treatment… Read more »

Payment Plans To Promote A Healthy Smile

For many patients, anxiety related to dental care is not so much about the treatments, sensations, and physical experience of receiving our services. Instead, stress often appears as it relates to the cost of care. Particularly if you do not have dental insurance and you wish to do everything that you can to maintain your… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Talks: Acidity Details

You may wonder why you’re having problems that we suggest are the result of too much acidity in your mouth, particularly if you’re under the impression that you’re doing a good job avoiding acidic foods and drinks. While the stuff that you consume is a large part of what causes the pH of your oral… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Says: Keep Floss Around

You know that it’s a good idea to have floss in your bathroom at home. Otherwise, of course, you may find that as you go to perform your dental hygiene session, you’re not able to complete it. Of course, a full session includes not only brushing but also flossing, so you can be sure you’re… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Gives Filling Reminders

Your Moreno Valley dentist likes to provide you with reminders that help you with your oral health, as you may have noticed. Today, the topic is dental fillings! While you may already have a general understanding of fillings, such as the fact that they are usually suggested when you have a dental cavity, there are… Read more »