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Everything You’re Getting Wrong: About Root Canals!

You might be getting some things just right about root canal treatment! For instance, you may realize that it’s the restorative care we will usually suggest for a tooth infection, so we may save your oral health! However, our Moreno Valley, CA team is aware that beyond this clinical detail, there may be some amount… Read more »

What Your Good Flossing Habits Mean For You! 

Are you someone who has very good flossing habits? If so, then our Moreno Valley, CA team knows you floss once every day and you’re doing so in a manner that is gentle enough to avoid irritation but thorough enough to remove plaque from between teeth (and just beneath your gumline). While this may just… Read more »

Halloween And Bruxism: Your Moreno Valley Dentist’s Tips

Your Moreno Valley dentist knows that when bruxism disorder is part of your life and you’ve just started to get the hang of addressing it, days like Halloween can feel somewhat stressful. It’s not every day that you’re practically encouraged to chow down on bucketfuls of candy (and additional treats). Our Moreno Valley, CA team… Read more »

Does “Smile Stain” Mean It’s A Forever Problem?

You think about the term “smile stains” and something strikes you as pretty serious: A stain is pigmentation that you cannot remove, right? It’s like staining a shirt or a tablecloth. You wonder, does this apply to teeth, too? Well, yes and no. The good news is that there’s certainly a way for our Moreno… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Says: Watch For Hidden Fall Smile Hazards! 

How could there possibly be anything dangerous happening over the course of this thoroughly beloved time of the year, you wonder? It’s fall! Hidden smile hazards, you think to yourself? Hiding where? Under piles of golden-and-red leaves? Within the beautifully lux, chunky sweaters that make autumn so truly cuddly and fantastic? Well, actually, no. Our… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist’s: 3 “Oops” Bedtime Moments To Change

Yay! It’s bedtime! That means jammies, cozy relaxation time, and sleep. But not so fast! Before you hop into bed and snooze away, our Moreno Valley, CA team wants to ensure you’re not making any common mistakes in terms of your smile protection. Are you sure that you got everything done and checked off of… Read more »

As 2019 Winds Down, Your Moreno Valley Dentist Suggests…

It doesn’t seem like 2019 is on its way out just yet. Not at all! In fact, fall truly just began, which means there’s so much more of the year to experience! While that may be true on one hand (the first of the fall holidays has not even arrived yet), when you take a… Read more »