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Tooth Loss Time: Tips From Your Moreno Valley Dentist 

Tooth loss is not something that you look forward to but when it becomes part of your reality, you quickly recognize that it’s something requiring action on your part. However, especially if this is your first experience with missing teeth, you may find that this new chapter feels difficult to navigate! Our Moreno Valley, CA… Read more »

Why You’ve Always Had Flossing Trouble! 

Your Moreno Valley dentist asks: Have you always had some serious trouble with flossing your smile? While this may be something that you force yourself to get through, in the name of optimal oral health, our Moreno Valley, CA team reminds you that no aspect of your dental hygiene should be super challenging. Or, challenging… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Explains: Surprising Causes Of Serious Damage

Rest assured, you are not the only patient our Moreno Valley, CA practice will ever see who is shocked by damage that has impacted your smile. Sometimes, the path that leads you there is a very obvious one. However, in other cases, you may find yourself feeling blindsided by the development of injury, tissue loss, and… Read more »

All Of The “Extra” Smile Care You Want

Do you ever find yourself wishing for a smile that wasn’t just the smile you’ve grown accustomed to seeing in the mirror on a daily basis but was, instead, something you felt excited, inspired, and satisfied by? If this is something you can definitely relate to, then our Moreno Valley, CA team reminds you that… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Says: Stop Your Over-Brushing! 

Are you someone who over-brushes your smile? Do you shrug at that question because you’re really not sure but it’s possible? Here’s what you should be doing every day in terms of your dental hygiene, according to your Moreno Valley dentist: Gently brushing twice, morning and evening, for two minutes each session (and flossing once… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Discusses: Things To Address ASAP

Of course, you should address just about any oral health or smile concern that comes your way as soon as possible. However, today, our Moreno Valley, CA team really wants to bring to the forefront those issues that you really need to address but that you are likely to sweep under the rug (if you… Read more »

Love And Marriage: Care Suggestions From Your Moreno Valley Dentist

Love! Marriage! So exciting! The joining together of two lives and … two approaches to dental care? Well, it may not be something you ever spent any time considering but when you find yourself enjoying this lovely partnership, you may suddenly realize that it’s time to consider a combined approach to maintaining healthy smiles (for… Read more »