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The Arrival Of Your Wisdom Teeth Can Cause Discomfort

If you are starting to experience general discomfort in your jaw, or feel that your teeth are unusually sore or sensitive, the arrival of your wisdom teeth could be responsible. When wisdom teeth begin to erupt, they often cause issues because there is just not enough space in your mouth to accommodate them. This can… Read more »

Ready To Show Off A Brighter Smile? Here’s What You Can Do

It can feel frustrating to see your smile gradually lose its brightness. It can be particularly frustrating to have problems with teeth stains even after using a teeth whitening treatment picked up from your local store or pharmacy. What you should know is that if stubborn teeth stains are a problem for you, it may… Read more »

Dental Injuries Can Require Prompt Care – We Can Help

When a tooth chips, cracks, or experiences damage in some other way, you should make a trip to the dentist’s office a priority. There are several reasons to promptly address dental injuries. One pressing concern is that the tooth’s condition can worsen in time, particularly if you are not able to put pressure on it… Read more »

What To Expect If You Need A Crown After Cavity Treatment

When cavity treatment is called for, our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office can take care to fully restore your tooth while preserving as much of your healthy enamel as possible. We can also take care to provide treatment that prevents changes to your appearance. If possible, we will use a conservative dental filling to restore… Read more »

Stop Letting Worn Or Misshapen Teeth Affect Your Smile!

You can look at older photos of your smile and tell that your appearance has changed between then and now. The question is, what actually happened to affect your confidence in the way you look? Gradual changes over time can leave teeth looking dull or discolored. Unfortunately, these problems can sometimes be hard to avoid…. Read more »

Will I Have To Have My Aching Tooth Extracted?

If a tooth continues to ache, it is hard to avoid thinking something might be seriously wrong. If the pain you suffer starts to feel severe, you may worry that the necessary treatment could involve the extraction of your tooth! Sensitivity and pain are often triggered by issues with decay, as a cavity will lead… Read more »

How Much Support Will I Really Have From My Dental Crown?

Does the formation of a cavity mark the end of your tooth as you knew it? When you arrange restorative dental work, will you have to accept that the tooth might look different, or that you will not be able to put bite pressure on it? Our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office is prepared to… Read more »