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All Natural: Automatically Good For Oral Health?

If you pick up a package of a food you love at the grocery store and it says, “All Natural” on it, does that mean it’s definitely good for your smile health? Nope! While it’s possible that it’s good for your smile, it’s also possible that it isn’t good for your smile! So, how to… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist’s Breakfast Quiz

We know that when you’re dragging yourself to the breakfast table and the only thing you’ve got on your mind is your morning coffee, the last thing you want is someone telling you coffee is bad for your smile. However, it is acidic and it can lead to some issues for your oral health. However,… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Answers: Implant Questions

When you make your foray into the universe of replacement options for tooth loss, you will find yourself faced with a surprising variety of options. One, of course, will include the chance to choose dental implants, which can be just as exciting as it is confusing. The good news is that your Moreno Valley dentist… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentist Explains: Bridges Versus Partials

When you’re looking for solutions for partial tooth loss, you may quickly find that you feel confused about similar treatments. In many instances, this is a problem that comes up frequently for patients trying to decide between partial dentures and dental bridges. Not to fret: Your Moreno Valley dentist explains the difference (and the similarities,… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Make It Easy

You can make receiving Invisalign treatment very easy when you follow the instructions we set forth for you (don’t worry, they’re not difficult). Or, you can make your experience quite hard if you assume those recommendations aren’t really for you. Not sure what we’re talking about or the types of choices you might consider that… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist’s Q&A: Tongue Scraping

Have you ever seen a tongue scraper in the dental hygiene aisle? When you hear someone mention tongue scraping, does it sound like some unusually cruel act rather than a beneficial part of your daily care? If so, your Moreno Valley dentist suggests you learn more about caring for your tongue with this tool. You… Read more »

36th Annual Riverside Area Rape Crisis Auction & Dinner

Our team at Dental Associates of Moreno Valley recently attended the 36th Annual Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center (RARCC) Auction & Dinner (along with Riverside Dental Group). While some of our patients may be familiar with this event and organization, we know that some of you may not! We thank those of you who attended,… Read more »