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Recognizing And Addressing Issues With Teeth Grinding

How worried should you be if you think you are grinding your teeth while you sleep? Is this just a cause of discomfort, or is it something that can significantly impact your well-being? In time, an unresolved problem with teeth grinding can hurt your smile, create problems with your bite, and even cause chips and… Read more »

Stop Letting Tooth Loss Impact Your Quality Of Life

After a person loses a tooth, they can find that their dental function needs to change to work around the new gap in their smile. In addition to making people feel self-conscious about the way they look, an incomplete smile can also make it more difficult to bite and chew, and may even demand a… Read more »

You Can Put Your Oral Health At Risk By Ignoring A Toothache

Sure, your tooth hurts, but does that mean you have to talk to your dentist? Is it impossible to think that the issue may go away on its own? If your aching tooth is connected to problems with sinus pressure, it could be a temporary concern. However, if you believe the issue might be connected to a… Read more »

Count On A Dental Practice That Can Serve Your Family

Having a dentist who can take good care of your smile is nice, but it can be particularly nice – and convenient – to find a dental practice prepared to help every member of your family. At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we are prepared to accept patients of all ages, so we can… Read more »

Dental Sensitivity Can Become A Difficult Issue To Ignore

Generally speaking, ignoring a possible problem with your oral health can be a poor decision. Because our teeth can fail to recover naturally from problems that can affect them, you can effectively put yourself at risk for a problem worsening over time until you have the matter evaluated. Of course, some symptoms of poor oral… Read more »

Nervous About An Infected Tooth? Treatment Is Available!

How nervous should you be if you think your tooth might be infected? This problem can be serious, and is something you should have addressed as soon as possible. In addition to causing problems with pain and sensitivity, an infection can lead to bacteria traveling to – and infecting – different parts of your body…. Read more »

What Impact Does Dental Care Have On Your General Health?

While you may not realize it, your efforts to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth can help you maintain more than just your smile. The work you do to keep a clean mouth helps you by removing potentially harmful oral bacteria, and by preventing dental and periodontal problems that can negatively impact your quality of… Read more »