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Dry Mouth Can Make Your Oral Health Harder To Manage

What are you currently doing to make sure you stay protected against tooth decay? What you eat can certainly affect your cavity risk, and your commitment to brushing and flossing also carry clear benefits. One thing you may not realize is that you can have a more difficult time maintaining a healthy smile if you… Read more »

The Connection Between Bad Breath And Your Oral Health

By carrying mints or gum, you can guard yourself against a situation where others notice that you have bad breath. Unpleasant breath can be a common problem, and it is often linked to the consumption of foods with strong odors. With that said, some people can understandably grow concerned by the frequency of their issues… Read more »

Is There Room For Improvement In Your Oral Care Routine?

If your oral care routine is effective, you can look forward to positive feedback from your dentist at your next checkup. However, if you are not doing enough to prevent tartar formation, cavities, or gum disease, you may learn that your smile requires restorative dental work to bring it back to good health. It is… Read more »

Is Urgent Care Available To Address An Infected Tooth?

Some problems can be difficult to ignore, making prompt care a priority for you. If you have an infected tooth, feelings of sensitivity and general pain can become difficult, and you can be understandably concerned about the effect it might have on your oral health. Patients who need urgent dental treatment for this problem can… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile By Addressing Nightly Teeth Grinding

Is your smile currently vulnerable to dental damage? Tooth enamel is remarkably strong, and capable of staying in good condition even through years of biting and chewing. However, certain behaviors can put you at greater risk for chipped or cracked teeth. One problem you should know about is nightly teeth grinding, a problem often referred… Read more »

Including Dental Implants In Work To Restore Your Full Smile

How much can you reasonably ask of a dental prosthetic? Will it be able to match the look of your surrounding teeth and improve your smile? Can you count on it for support when you bite and chew food? At our Moreno Valley, CA dentist’s office, we are ready to help patients regain a complete… Read more »

You Can Enjoy Orthodontic Work With Discreet Aligners

Why do people choose to undergo orthodontic treatment? There are exciting cosmetic benefits to doing so, and it can help with matters like bite alignment and oral hygiene. Why do people sometimes resist starting orthodontic treatment despite having problems with their dental alignment? Unfortunately, some people put off beneficial care because they expect treatment to… Read more »