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3 Treatments That Deliver Exciting Smile Changes

Unfortunately, there are many different issues that can make you reluctant to show off your smile. For some people, issues with the condition and shape of their teeth make them feel unattractive. For others, trouble with damage, wear and tear, and discoloration cause unhappiness. At our Riverside, CA dental office, we offer multiple cosmetic dental… Read more »

Will A Root Canal Be Needed To Address Your Cavity?

Under many circumstances, we can address dental decay without performing root canal therapy. Patients who come to us for regular dental exams are more likely to have cavities spotted and treated before more advanced treatment is necessary. While some problems with decay are treated with dental fillings, more advanced treatment is needed when you have… Read more »

What Makes Veneers Such An Attractive Treatment Option?

For people who lack confidence in the way they look, porcelain veneers can be an exciting treatment option. With this one procedure, you can come away from our Riverside, CA dental office with a smile that is brighter, more uniform, and no longer marred by teeth that are damaged, misshapen, or otherwise flawed. Veneers require… Read more »

Your Dentist’s Role In Keeping Your Child Cavity-Free

If you want your child to grow up with a healthy, confident smile, you should make their oral hygiene a priority from an early age. Kids typically need help brushing and flossing until they are around the ages of six and seven. While you may not assist them directly with these tasks, you can still… Read more »

Arranging Cosmetic Treatment To Address Dental Wear And Tear

Dental wear and tear causes many people embarrassment. Your teeth may not be worn down to the point where you need restorative dental work, but you can still worry that misshapen teeth are hurting your smile. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can discuss your options for treatment if you want to positively change… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings Can Make Dental Work Less Worrying

If you have a cavity, you can be understandably worried about both your tooth and your smile. At the end of treatment, will your appearance be changed? People sometimes assume they still only have access to metal restorations that are durable but not a good cosmetic match for your smile. When you discuss care at… Read more »

Make Sure You Stay Informed About Your Child’s Dental Health

You have a daily responsibility to make sure your kids remain healthy and happy. When it comes to maintaining their dental health, you can be directly involved in several ways. Until they are old enough to clean their teeth on their own, you will be the one who provides protection in the form of gentle… Read more »