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Your Aching Tooth Could Be Infected – We Are Ready To Help

An otherwise routine day can become badly disrupted by a persistent ache in your tooth. This problem can be painful, but if you are unsure why it is happening it can also be frustrating and alarming. If you develop a problem with a toothache, it may be because of an advanced cavity or injury that… Read more »

Is It Time To Ask Your Dentist About TMJ Treatment?

Are you having a difficult time moving your jaw whenever you talk, laugh, or eat? Are you regularly experiencing painful headaches, or struggling with pain in your face or neck? Over time, an unresolved problem with your jaw can lead to persistent troubles with TMJ disorder. This problem can make the movement of your jaw… Read more »

Insecure About Your Smile? Make Improvements With Veneers

When you lose confidence in your smile, it can affect your social life, and generally bring down your self-esteem. At our Riverside, CA dental practice, we are ready to help you feel excited to show off your smile by making improvements with porcelain veneers. By crafting veneers to correct problems with the shape, size, and/or… Read more »

Creating The Right Atmosphere For Your Child’s Dental Visit

Your child’s oral health is obviously important to you, and it is important to us as well. Our Riverside, CA dental team is proud to make our youngest patients feel at ease during pediatric dental appointments. In addition to providing care in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, we take time to provide kids with instructions… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Mentions Some Flu Season Tips!

We’re in the midst of flu season now, which of course, is not the first topic you really want to have on your mind! There are many, much more exciting things to spend your time thinking about! However, since doing what you can to avoid the flu can be very beneficial, our Riverside, CA team… Read more »

Fast Facts: Potential Causes Of Your Sensitive Smile 

You know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re experiencing a sensitive smile because nearly any motion, cold food item, etc. leads to some amount of uncomfortable zinging within your tooth. While you’re well aware that hope is on the horizon, when you set up a visit with our Riverside, CA team, you’re still… Read more »

3 Dental W’s For a Brighter Smile

There are many facets to being happy with your smile. First and foremost, you want your smile to be healthy. That means regular preventive visits: at least twice a year is the gold standard. But once your smile’s health is in order, there may be cosmetic options that can take your smile from functional to… Read more »