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How Dental Implants Help Patients Affected By Tooth Loss

When a person starts to lose teeth, their confidence, bite function, and overall oral health can suffer negative consequences. Fortunately, the right restorative dental work can address all of these concerns! At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients who want to replace missing teeth can learn about the benefits that dental implants provide. Implants act… Read more »

3 Problems Associated With Frequent Teeth Grinding

If you are frequently grinding your teeth at night, you can quickly discover just how difficult this problem can make your life. Habitual grinding, known as bruxism, is capable of creating enough pressure to wear down teeth, changing their shape and even causing enamel damage. This problem can also become an issue by causing TMJ… Read more »

Veneers Can Address Multiple Smile Flaws In One Procedure

While dental health is obviously important, a person can become self-conscious about a healthy smile when they have noticeable issues with discolored, worn, or misshapen teeth. If you have several teeth with appearances that make you unhappy, or if you have more than one problem to address, you may worry that the process of improving… Read more »

The Arrival Of Wisdom Teeth Can Hurt – We Can Help!

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to arrive, and for many people that arrival is not a welcome one. People often lack the space to accommodate these teeth, also known as third molars, so their eruption can create problems with crowding as other teeth are pushed in. This can lead to pain, and it can… Read more »

3 Problems That Can Lead To Worrying Tartar Accumulation

The fight to stop tartar from forming on your teeth is an important one. Tartar deposits that form will not budge when you brush and floss, which means they stick around to cause problems with dental decay and gum disease until your next professional teeth cleaning. Fortunately, you can keep your smile safe against the… Read more »

Tips To Help Your Kids Avoid Poor Brushing Habits

By instilling the value of good oral health in your kids at an early age, you can help them enjoy a lifetime with healthy teeth! There are many lessons that you will need to impart to your youngsters as they learn to care for themselves. When they are old enough to start brushing and flossing… Read more »

Can Adjusting Your Daily Routine Help You Avoid Cavities?

Are you having a problem protecting yourself against tooth decay? It may seem strange to have issues with cavities when you feel certain you are keeping your smile clean each day. After all, how can tooth decay be a problem when you are consistently clearing away the bacteria and food debris that lead to problems?… Read more »