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Pizza Party Fundraiser

As Oral Cancer Awareness Month (April) inches ever so much closer, we are pleased to announce a way for you to make your mark by contributing to the American Cancer Society. To make our involvement positive and enjoyable for the community, while ensuring we do our part to help find a cure, we have organized… Read more »

Fun Ideas For A Sweet, Sugar-Free Easter

Are your children getting pretty excited about the quick approach of Easter? Are you not quite so excited, as you find yourself wringing your hands in agony? After all, your little ones are imagining baskets full of chocolate bunnies and all you can see is the potential for furniture covered in chocolate fingerprints … and… Read more »

Bridges: Test Your Knowledge

Are you a novice when it comes to all things tooth replacement related? Or, do you happen to have some specialized knowledge in the area of dental prosthetics? Let’s begin with choosing a dental bridge for your missing teeth – do you know whether you qualify or what to expect? Allow us to help you… Read more »

3 Treatments Replaced By Veneers

When you choose porcelain veneers, you will find out immediately that you may decide on this one treatment to replace combination cosmetic treatment. Curious about which procedures you have bypassed by making the choice to receive a set of veneers? Becoming familiar with these details will help you recognize just how convenient and powerful veneers… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth: What To Do

Do you find that every time you bite into something cold or sip something hot your tooth experiences quite a “zing!” of sensitivity? Patients experiencing tooth sensitivity may find that their smiles become uncomfortable more often than not, which can have a serious impact on daily life. Fortunately, we have some simple advice to offer,… Read more »

A Quiz: Details Of Invisalign Treatment

You might know all that there is to know about the benefits of choosing Invisalign treatment to align your smile. What you may find, however, once you have become quite excited about this orthodontic treatment is that you are still a little bit unsure regarding the daily details of treatment. For instance, how many hours… Read more »

3 Misconceptions About Dentures

When it comes to seeking the tooth replacement option best suited to the needs of your smile, you may find yourself immediately interested in the many benefits of full and partial dentures. However, you may then allow rumors to take over, potentially leading you astray from this opportunity that may provide just what you’re looking for…. Read more »