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Why Root Canal Therapy?

Have you recently been told by our practice that you need root canal therapy to protect your smile and save your tooth? If so, you might find yourself wondering why you need this particular treatment, whether it’s necessary, if perhaps you should have asked about alternatives, and many similar questions. We understand – many patients… Read more »

Dental Filling Steps: Refresher

Do you remember what happens on a step-by-step basis when you receive a dental filling? Has it been quite a while, so you’re feeling a little bit anxious about scheduling the filling you need to repair your tooth? Perhaps you have just developed your first cavity and are somewhat unsure about what to expect. Whatever… Read more »

3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Whitening

Have you found yourself coming up with a long list of reasons to avoid whitening your smile (even though teeth whitening is exactly what you want for your teeth)? If so, we understand. You are among many patients who struggle with the decision to move forward with a cosmetic treatment. Why? Well, each experience is… Read more »

Spark Of Love Toy Drive

Now that the Christmas and New Year’s festivities are over (though warmly secured in our memories) we would like to share with you one of our favorite experiences from the holiday season. While the food and the company was certainly enjoyable, we were overwhelmed with the success of our Spark Of Love Toy Drive we… Read more »

3 Reasons You May Need Restorative Care

Do you know much about restorative dentistry? It is the area of dental care that helps you repair problems, such as physical damage or disease, and that returns your oral health to its original state. This is wonderful news for patients who come up against any sort of dental problem – however, do you know… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry Holiday Tips

The moment you hear jingling bells and notice the first signs of Christmas décor on the shelves of your local stores, you might fly into a sort of quiet panic. As much as you enjoy holiday time with the ones you love, you know that the countdown to endless mounds of candies and cookies is… Read more »

Qualifying For Invisalign

Have you been dedicating some significant time to the thought of choosing Invisalign treatment to align your smile? If so, we applaud your choice to make your decision only once you feel fully informed. If part of your dilemma at the moment is the fact that you don’t feel you have all of details you need, we… Read more »