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Enjoy Better Smile Health By Improving Your Brushing Routine

Have you struggled to stop cavities? Does it seem like your oral hygiene routine is less helpful than it should be? It may be time to accept that your current approach to brushing is less effective than it should be, and that without changes you can remain vulnerable to problems that call for restorative dental… Read more »

Make Sure You Care For Your Smile When You Start Your Day

Some people are early risers by nature, while others prefer to cling to every minute of sleep within reach. While the “typical” morning routine can vary greatly from one person to the next, there is one habit that should be a part of your waking routine no matter what the rest of your habits look… Read more »

What Can I Do If I Feel Embarrassed By My Smile?

If you feel a surge of embarrassment every time you think about the condition of your smile, your confidence can take a significant hit. Unfortunately, the issues that have made you self-conscious could also be signs that your teeth are in poor health. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can work with individuals who… Read more »

Can Physical And Emotional Changes Affect Your Oral Health?

Your physical and emotional health can interfere with your overall well-being in ways that could surprise you. One thing that you may not realize is that issues like fatigue, stress, and physical illness may affect your ability to maintain a healthy smile. These problems can lead to physical changes that make it harder for you… Read more »

How Do I Safely Bring A Dislodged Tooth To An Appointment?

Because patients at our Riverside, CA dentist’s office have access to emergency dental work, they can promptly see someone if they suffer a dental injury. In situations where a tooth is loosened or lost completely, access to prompt care can make saving the tooth more likely. With that said, you will want to take care… Read more »

Should You Measure The Time It Takes You To Brush?

Why should you check on the time it takes you to brush your teeth? If you rush when you brush, you can leave areas of your smile without care. Over time, that can lead to a buildup of plaque and tartar that will raise your risk for problems that demand restorative dental work. Your Riverside,… Read more »

Can Different Age Groups Have Different Oral Health Risks?

It is hardly surprising to learn that your health needs can change through the years. With that said, people sometimes overlook how their oral health needs may be impacted as they age. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we understand that people in different age groups can benefit from different oral health care strategies. While… Read more »