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Flossing Does More Than Just Remove Food Stuck Between Teeth

The unpleasant feeling of having food stuck between your teeth can be hard to ignore, which is why removing that piece with floss can be such a relief. Having access to floss can help you quickly and effectively resolve this problem whenever it arises. With that said, you should not think of floss as solely… Read more »

How Serious Can A Tooth Injury Be Without Treatment?

If you injure your tooth, is treatment really a priority? It can take little effort to convince someone to see their dentist about a severe injury, or one that has hurt their smile, but you may be less inclined to worry if the injury is hard to see, or seemingly not serious. What you should… Read more »

Poor Oral Health May Cause More Problems Than You Realize

If you are not brushing or flossing as effectively as recommended, you can be more likely to develop tooth decay. You can also be at higher risk for gum disease. These problems are concerning enough on their own – after all, you would have a hard time believing someone who said they were NOT concerned… Read more »

Do I Have Access To Treatment For A Dental Emergency?

Even in the calmest circumstances, it can be hard to know how to respond when you think you might have a dental emergency. Will you be able to restore a tooth that is hurt? Is there a way to save a tooth that is loose, or completely knocked out? In addition to worrying about your… Read more »

Planning Cosmetic Dental Treatment For Multiple Teeth

While some people can point to a single tooth as being responsible for their smile flaws, many others have several concerns that they would like to address. What can you expect from cosmetic dental work if you are interested in having work done on multiple teeth? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we offer procedures… Read more »

Can An Infected Tooth Be Treated And Not Removed?

Your toothache can interfere with your meals, make it hard to concentrate, and generally leave you in an unpleasant mood. While you can appreciate relief from this problem, you may be worried that in order to address the problem your dentist will have to extract the tooth. In cases where an infection is causing dental… Read more »

We Can Help Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth As They Grow Up

Kids learn and experience countless things as they age, but some matters will remain consistent throughout their growth and development. One thing they should develop at an early age is an understanding of how to properly care for their teeth, and why these efforts matter so much. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can… Read more »