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Toothaches: Tell Us How It Feels

So, you have a toothache! This is a common problem and a very common reason for patients to schedule care with us. One of the things that will help us understand what’s happening with your tooth is your description of the pain. So, do you think you’re ready to talk about it? Or, are you… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Explains: Why Teeth Crack

Of course, one of the last things you want is to discover you have a cracked tooth. However, this is something that can happen to anyone! Beyond having to deal with the effects of damaged tissue is the fact that you will find yourself wondering things like why this has happened and whether there’s anything… Read more »

Canker Sores: Your Riverside Dentist’s Top 3 Tips

Your Riverside dentist knows that canker sores can be a complicated matter for many patients. If you’re used to them showing up and feel like a pro, then they may be the type of occurrence that you can easily handle. However, when this is new to you (or when you notice a particularly severe sore… Read more »

Tooth Extraction: Don’t Feel Bad About It!

You may find yourself down in the dumps when you learn that you need a tooth extraction. While we can certainly empathize with your emotions when it comes to learning your tooth needs to be removed, we also know that the strength of these feelings is associated with something in particular: You’re missing some important… Read more »

Got A Toothache? Don’t Let It Scare You.

We know that when a toothache shows up, you can go from feeling footloose and fancy free to a bit scared out of your wits! While pain or general discomfort is not something that anyone enjoys dealing with, we would like to remind patients that this is no reason to let yourself feel afraid. Why… Read more »

Bad Breath: Your Riverside Dentist Offers Help

Uh oh! You were feeling just fine, enjoying life as usual, and then you noticed one day that your breath wasn’t so lovely (or some brave soul mentioned it to you and, upon a bit further investigation, you discovered this was true!). So, now what? You have bad breath, you’ve tried your hand at the… Read more »

“S” Terms That Say: See Your Riverside Dentist Soon!

It can be confusing sometimes to know whether to immediately respond to a change you notice with your smile. Part of you thinks that you should hop in the car, zoom on over to our practice, and announce that you really need to see your Riverside dentist the moment something feels different. The other part… Read more »