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Your Dentist Is Ready To Address Oral Health Emergencies

Oral health emergencies are hard to endure, but patients at our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can be happy to know that treatment is readily available. We want the people who come to us for general dental care to know that they are not on their own if they suffer a dental injury, or if they… Read more »

Smile Care Can Help You Better Maintain Your General Health

Effectively maintaining your health each day can call for a combination of smart hygiene habits, sensible eating, and exercise. What you should also realize is that when you want to manage your overall health, you should put some thought into how you are currently protecting your smile from harm. When you fail to keep your… Read more »

We Can Determine The Right Treatment For Your Toothache

You feel certain that something is wrong with your tooth – after all,┬ásomething┬ámust be responsible for the pain you feel, or the tooth’s unusual sensitivity. Recognizing that something is wrong is important, but the problem can continue to bother you until you seek out care from your dentist. At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, patients… Read more »

Are You Doing Enough To Keep Your Smile Clean?

Have you struggled with tooth decay, or have you managed to keep your smile free of harmful cavities to date? Some people have a harder time than others avoiding cavities. In some cases, individuals who have successfully avoided them can reach a point in their life where they seem difficult to prevent. A person’s relative… Read more »

A Tooth Bonding Procedure Can Raise Your Smile Confidence

How much confidence do you currently have in your smile? People often reveal just how comfortable (or uncomfortable) they are with the way they look by how willing they are to smile in pictures, or by monitoring themselves while meeting new people to hide their teeth. Even a minor flaw can be enough to make… Read more »

Why A Root Canal May Be Needed To Save An Aching Tooth

It might be nice to have that persistent tooth pain go away on its own, but this may not be an outcome that you can count on. A problem with tooth pain that persists can be a sign that you have an infection, which can occur when a cavity or injury has not been addressed…. Read more »

How Can I Tell If My Tooth Pain Is Actually A Cavity?

While pain is already an unwelcome feeling, a persistent pain in your tooth can be particularly upsetting. Dental pain and sensitivity can be difficult to ignore and avoid, particularly when you are trying to eat or drink. The discomfort can also be alarming because you can be understandably concerned that something is really wrong with… Read more »