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How To Avoid Cold-Weather Smile Pitfalls! 

You may be very familiar with the common pitfalls that may impact your oral health on a regular basis. You may even feel that you’re geared up and ready to go for the very warm summer season, when it arrives. However, when winter shows up, if you’re like many of our Riverside, CA patients, you… Read more »

Smile Care: Your “Never, Sometimes, Always” List! 

When it comes to receiving answers about your smile care from our Riverside, CA team, you know that there’s always a good explanation for our response. However, beyond the reasoning and the smaller details, there’s one thing that always helps you to move forward and make the right choices: It’s knowing whether a particular habit… Read more »

Smile Problems You Don’t Realize Require Our Attention 

Did you know that there are some smile problems that you may brush off because you think they’re just “no big deal” … that actually require the attention of our Riverside, CA team? You may guess that you’re very attuned to your body and smile and, as a result, could never possibly overlook a symptom… Read more »

Simple Signs That You Need A Visit With Your Riverside Dentist

Some “signs” can be confusing, when you’re considering a change with your smile, and wondering if it’s time to contact our Riverside, CA team. Of course, we suggest you always let us know when you’re not sure about your oral health, which means it’s always good to come in for a visit. Fortunately, however, many… Read more »

Possibilities: When You Don’t Ignore Your Toothache

Most of the time, our Riverside, CA team spends time talking about what happens when you ignore your toothache, why you shouldn’t do it, and so on and so forth. However, today, we thought we would take a look at the flip side of this topic, as we explore the possible paths you may find… Read more »

Your Toothache: Emotions To Switch Off Or To Follow

Yikes! You have a toothache and you’re not thrilled about it. What to do? Of course, unless you’re a strictly logical individual, our Riverside, CA team knows that you probably find yourself flooded with a variety of emotional reactions to your not-so-comfortable tooth situation. Some of those feelings can guide you quite well, as you… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Offers Simple Statements For Easier Decision Making! 

If you think that your Riverside dentist isn’t going to understand the fact that sometimes, you feel like you’re trudging through mud to make a decision about your oral health or your smile in general, think again! Our Riverside, CA practice sees patients every day, dealing with a diverse array of issues, and making lots… Read more »