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Awful Breath: Let Your Riverside Dentist Help With That

So, you’ve got a pretty serious case of bad breath? If you feel like you must have done something terribly wrong or you cannot figure out what you must have eaten because you’ve gone as bland as humanly possible in the last couple of weeks, take heart: There’s an answer, you’re probably just fine, and… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Talks: Helping Kids Form Good Habits

One of your goals when it comes to children’s dental care is helping your kids’ smiles stay healthy and in lovely condition. The other, of course, is to introduce and keep up with care in such a way that it helps your children develop positive feelings about smile care, while they develop wonderful habits and… Read more »

Cosmetic Care Candidacy: Ask Your Riverside Dentist!

When you want your smile to look better, you realize that you’re going to have to come in to our Riverside, CA practice at some point in order to find out if it’s something that you can receive. Of course, if you have already been sorting out which treatment you think is going to be… Read more »

Your Toothache: Let’s Walk You Through Reacting, Relief, And Your Solution

There’s something about dealing with a toothache that, instead of appealing to your level-headed side, can suddenly make you feel like a less than rational human being. You may not feel certain about how you should react to the discomfort, you might wonder what you should do about making your tooth feel better, and then:… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist’s Toothpaste Reminders

Since you’ve probably been brushing your teeth for a long time, as in years and years if not multiple decades, you might think that you’ve already gotten all of the toothpaste information you need to learn memorized and stored away. However, our Riverside, CA team knows all too well that in many instances, even good… Read more »

Do Versus Don’t: Starting Off The New Year With A Toothache

Are you somewhat disappointed to announce that you have begun this brand new year with a toothache? This is never the way anyone wants to start off what feels like an otherwise clean slate. However, the good news from our Riverside, CA team is that this problem is not something that has to remain! Instead,… Read more »

The Important Facts About Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction isn’t usually the first option for treating a dental health issue, especially when the tooth still retains enough healthy tooth structure to be restored. Sometimes, however, a tooth may be so thoroughly compromised, or in such a precarious position, that extracting it is the most conservative and effective way to restore your smile…. Read more »