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The Question Of The Summer: Is Your Child Ready For Braces? 

It’s a question that patients often aren’t sure how to answer or to even begin tackling: Is my child ready for braces? The moment you ask it, you realize it brings up a slew of other questions that will most likely require the assistance of your Riverside dentist. Then, of course, as summer is slowly… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Suggests: Things To Keep On Your Nightstand

What’s on your nightstand, our Riverside, CA team wonders? Do you have a light? A radio? A clock? While you may have a variety of things that you like to keep within reach when you get into bed, our question is whether any of those items help support your journey toward maintaining exceptional oral health!… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Points Out: Reasons For A Checkup!

There are lots and lots of reasons you might need a dental checkup. However, that doesn’t always mean you’re going to realize that calling our Riverside, CA team to schedule one is exactly what you should do. With that said, your Riverside dentist offers you some helpful reminders in the form of common reasons to… Read more »

Your Toothache: Different Reactions, Different Outcomes

Did you know that the way you react to your toothache is extremely important and can have a very significant impact on the outcome of whatever is going on with your oral health? Our Riverside, CA team wants you to keep in mind that when you deal with any type of pain associated with your… Read more »

What Your Riverside Dentist Asks About Daily Care

One of the things that you may not really know as much about as you would like (and as you figure you should know) is your daily dental care. You may feel unsure about whether you’re doing it all correctly, you may wish you could get some quick answers, or you may feel like you… Read more »

Pregnancy Details: Help From Your Riverside Dentist

As you might imagine, the helpful tips you can expect from your Riverside dentist when you’re expecting are all about your oral health, your smile care, and issues related to protecting your teeth and gums. However, what you might not have expected was to be told that you should absolutely continue on with your dental… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Talks About: Measuring Toothpaste

There’s a lot to consider, get through, and accomplish in a given day, particularly when you have kids! So, you likely regard simply completing a dental hygiene session successfully quite an achievement! As a result, our Riverside, CA team knows that something you may be losing along the way is a bit of focus in… Read more »