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Tell Your Dentist About A Toothache Or Sensitivity Issues

Patients are sometimes surprised by the news that they have a cavity that needs to be treated. This is because dental decay can be identified during a dental checkup even before it starts to cause uncomfortable symptoms. If you already have problems with tooth pain, or if you have a tooth that is unusually sensitive,… Read more »

Discussing Concerns About Teeth Stains With Your Dentist

If you are growing uncomfortable with how the color of your smile has changed, you may feel compelled to switch to a toothpaste that claims to whiten teeth. If this proves less effective than you hoped, you may choose to try a store bought whitening kit. Patients who have grown concerned about noticeable teeth stains… Read more »

How We Make Kids Feel At Ease In The Dentist’s Office

Are you bringing your child to the right dentist’s office? The right practice can do more than just make sure a child’s teeth remain healthy. Kids benefit from positive early experiences with their dentist. When they develop a favorable impression, they can be more comfortable making future trips to the office, and they can be… Read more »

If My Tooth Is Infected, Will It Have To Be Extracted?

It can be alarming to learn that you have an infection affecting a tooth. While you can be understandably worried about what this means for your oral health and smile, you should know that treatment can still help stop the problem from worsening. Infections can be addressed through root canal therapy, which will see your… Read more »

Using A Bonding Treatment To Address Dental Imperfections

It may be a minor issue, one that does not affect your oral health at all, but a visible tooth flaw can still be a big concern for you. That one problem can draw more attention than you are comfortable with, and it can effective spoil your smile symmetry, making you less confident in your… Read more »

Encouraging Kids To Brush And Floss On Their Own

Is your child old enough to brush and floss their teeth without your help? As kids take on more responsibilities for themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to know what they are or are not ready for. Even if they feel that they can competently clean their teeth without your direct assistance, they may lack… Read more »

How Teeth Cleanings Fit Into Cavity Prevention Efforts

How much effort do you put into protecting yourself against tooth decay? If you want to stay safe against the formation of cavities, there are several actions that you should take. On a daily basis, you should thoroughly brush and floss your teeth to prevent the buildup of oral bacteria. You should also be smart… Read more »