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Your Children’s Dentist Talks: Things To Have On Hand During Holidays

Your children’s dentist knows that when the holidays are in full effect, you can have a hard time figuring out how to balance all the fun and your concerns about your family’s oral health. While you cannot keep an eye on everyone and every snack every second, you can have a bit of a backup… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Suggests: Family Smile Resolutions!

Your children’s dentist is often full of some very helpful ideas for our Riverside, CA patients. With this in mind, perhaps you’d like to hear some of those suggestions as they apply to the upcoming new year! You know, of course, that there is time to come up with resolutions and, as we are already… Read more »

Ways Bonding Can Help You Super Quickly

When you are in need of help for a tooth or multiple teeth because you’ve got a bit of damage or some concern you want fixed lickety-split, sometimes dental bonding instantly becomes your go-to treatment. It’s a cosmetic procedure that’s comfortable, efficient, that offers beautifully natural-looking results, and that just might work for you. What… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Offers Hygiene Help

We know that dealing with your dental hygiene experience is not always something that you feel too wonderful about. Your routine may seem to grow stale. Or, you may just find that even though you know you should feel proactive, you want to hide away from your need to brush and floss (which isn’t good… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Says: Psst, Everybody Vomits!

Nope, it’s not something you really want to talk about. You don’t want anyone to see you doing it. You don’t want anyone to know that it just happened. In fact, you might not even want to admit it to yourself! It’s called vomiting, it pretty much happens to everybody, we think that all of… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Answers What-If Brushing Questions

At first glance, the brushing we recommend for your smile seems easy. There’s nothing to it, right? Well, not exactly. While it may sound like it requires no instruction, you may find that you come up with question after question regarding this aspect of your dental hygiene. Even though you may feel compelled to speak… Read more »

Turn Your Toothache Into Some Valuable Lessons!

It’s hard to find a lot of nice things to say about experiencing a toothache. We know this. However, it’s always nice to be able to turn a not-so-great experience into a valuable one! With that said, our Riverside, CA team would like you to consider choosing to gain some lessons from your recent tooth… Read more »