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Your Riverside Dentist Says: Stop Only Treating Symptoms

You may not realize when you have a sore in your mouth and you put pain relief ointment on it, feel better, and then assume all is well that you’re not actually fixing a problem. Instead, you’re only treating the symptom (which is the pain) but you’re not actually curing the heart of the issue… Read more »

Tooth Decay: Filling, Crown, Or Root Canal?

When you end up with tooth decay, you may have lots of different ideas about what our Riverside, CA team will suggest for you in terms of restorative care. If you are like many of our patients, you may immediately guess that you will need a dental filling. In most instances, this is going to… Read more »

3 Times To Take It Easy

Generally speaking, in the world of providing yourself with effective dental care, one of the things you’ll want to learn ASAP is that taking it easy can be to your benefit. Of course, we don’t suggest taking a gentle approach in terms of your dedication to your oral health or to scheduling your visits with… Read more »

White Fillings: Why Is Metal-Free So Exciting?

You know that each and every time you hear about white fillings at our Riverside, CA practice, it’s like there’s quite a lot of excitement and fanfare surrounding this particular restoration. At first glance, of course, this may be somewhat puzzling to you. Are dental fillings really that exciting, you wonder? Well, the truth is… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Explains: Difficulty With Flavor

Did you know that interpreting the flavors within the foods and beverages that you consume is a multifaceted experience? This might not be something you realized until recently, when something you expected to taste one way … suddenly failed to meet your expectations. What are some of the causes of having challenges with your ability… Read more »

3 Interesting Things About Your Toothache

One of the very last words you may have ever drummed up in reference to your toothache? The word “interesting.” We understand. The first vocabulary that floods your mind in reaction to this very unique type of discomfort is likely all quite negative! However, our Riverside, CA team would like to ask you to consider… Read more »

The Question Of The Summer: Is Your Child Ready For Braces? 

It’s a question that patients often aren’t sure how to answer or to even begin tackling: Is my child ready for braces? The moment you ask it, you realize it brings up a slew of other questions that will most likely require the assistance of your Riverside dentist. Then, of course, as summer is slowly… Read more »