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Your Children’s Dentist’s Tips For College Students

Your children’s dentist knows you’re a little worried about your college-bound kids. What can you possibly do to make sure they don’t destroy their teeth and gums while they’re away at school? Maybe you should call them every night to ask if they’ve brushed their teeth, you think to yourself. Then, of course, you realize… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Provides: Back To School Tips

Has it been a quick, wonderful summer with your kids? Not exactly? Has it been a long, enjoyable one, but you’re incredibly ready for those lovely children of yours to head back to school? How ever you’re feeling at the moment, one thing is certain: Getting your kids’ oral health up to snuff and squared… Read more »

Dentistry For Children: Early Decisions

There’s something about the early years with your children, especially with a first baby, that can make dentistry for children seem like a foreign and bewildering world. Fortunately, we are always here to answer your questions and to help you and your little one along to ensure teeth and gums are safe, healthy, and developing… Read more »

Should I Ignore My Toothache?

When a twinge of pain whooshes through your tooth or you deal with throbbing throughout the day, you know you need to decide what to do about your toothache. However, part of you wonders whether perhaps you should just ignore it. Maybe it’s going to go away and it’s no big deal, you consider. While… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Suggests Tips For Avoiding Sugar

Since most of us aren’t really that interested in avoiding sugar because … well … it tastes amazing, it’s often difficult to find the drive to do so. Then, of course, when we do find that motivation, it can be even more challenging to follow through with it. If you feel like it’s probably time… Read more »

Each Toothache Sends a Message

We say to children “Use your words” but a tooth doesn’t have a direct way to tell you when something is wrong. In fact, the outer layers of a tooth don’t have nerves to sense pain, heat or cold. But a tooth has ways alert you when there is trouble. Whether a tooth is throbbing or just… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Answers: Denture Questions

If you have open spaces in your mouth but you really don’t know much about the ways you can replace those teeth, it can feel like quite a journey you’re about to embark upon. If your instinct is to consider full or partial dentures but you feel like you are in serious need of additional… Read more »