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Same Day Appointments: Your Questions, Our Answers

When you suddenly realizing that being able to come in to see us for a same day appointment is an option, you may wonder what to make of this service. In some cases, you’ll feel completely sure that emergency dentistry is what you need and you need it immediately. At other times, you might not… Read more »

A Few Reasons We Offer Same Day Visits

If you have been visiting us for a while now, you know that our Riverside, CA practice offers same day visits. Considering the fact that you probably usually schedule your appointments several weeks if not multiple months out, you may be shocked that same day care is an option. Remember, we care about your smile… Read more »

Your Secret Questions: 24 Hour Emergency Services

You may feel some amount of security when you realize you are a patient at a Temecula, CA dental practice that offers 24 hour emergency services. It’s so reassuring! However, you may also experience some emotions or have some thoughts that cause you to wonder: Should you actually call us if you think you may… Read more »

Christmastime Related Dental Emergencies You Can Avoid!

We remind you that Christmas is supposed to be a time filled with smiles, laughter, merriment, and joy! It’s also completely acceptable if your holiday experience includes some foods and drinks you’ve been thinking about since last year! One thing that we absolutely suggest against, however, to ensure you have a nice time? We think… Read more »

Pick Up The Phone And Call Us ASAP When…

Sometimes, you may not think twice about picking up the phone to make a phone call. Other times, however, you may notice that even if it’s very important, you may feel like you’d rather be doing anything else! It can be the result of not knowing for sure if you are making a good decision…. Read more »

3 Moments To Schedule A Same Day Appointment

There’s never been a time during which you’ve thought to yourself that it’s not beneficial to have access to same day appointments. However, if you have not yet required one, you may sometimes find yourself wondering if the moment you’ll suddenly need to be quickly added to our schedule will ever occur. Let us help… Read more »

24 Hour Emergency Calls: Your Corona Dentist Speaks

Maybe you’ve done everything right. You brush twice a day, limit sweets and are the king (or queen) of flossing. Or maybe you’ve skipped a few appointments, and are a little embarrassed to admit that you love to crunch on the ice in a soda. Either way, you are not protected from an unexpected dental… Read more »