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Want a Brighter, Healthier Smile? Get Some Sun this Summer!

When it comes to tooth loss, prevention means ensuring that your smile remains clean and disease-free with a diligent oral hygiene routine. It also means ensuring that your teeth, gums, and jawbone receive enough necessary nutrients to keep your mouth healthy and operating properly. But what does a brighter, healthier smile have to do with… Read more »

Healthy Teeth from the Inside Out

California has a reputation for gorgeous coastlines, plenty of sunshine, and Hollywood good looks. Part of what makes any person attractive (no matter where they live) is their smile. In fact, studies show that when it comes to first impressions, smile and eyes are at the top of the list. Beauty is certainly in the… Read more »

Keep Teeth Safe when Snacking at the Movies

Is there any better winter pastime than going to the movies? With “awards season” in Hollywood, many people are scrambling to catch up on all of the most nominated films and performances. And really, how many movies can someone watch without a little snack? The smells of a movie theatre are very tempting. Popcorn, soda,… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentists Urge you to Eat More Whole Grains

There’s a big push for eating more whole foods these days. This is a good thing, because it’s hard to argue that foods in their most natural possible state are going to be better for you than processed or modified consumables. It can be difficult and overwhelming to impart a new way of eating into… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentists Test Tooth Knowledge

Your teeth are as important an element of your health as many of your vital organs. In fact, studies on oral-systemic health show that oral health can directly relate to your heart, brain, and nervous system. Sometimes we take parts of our bodies for granted if they appear to be in good working order. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Quiz on Using Spices to Improve Dental Health from Moreno Valley Dentists

If you like to cook, you may view herbs and spices as nothing more than ways to enhance the flavors of foods. With talk shows dedicated to topics of health, you may start hearing now and again that cinnamon could be good for suppressing appetite or bettering joint health, for example. Various herbs, spices, and… Read more »

Whole Grains Good for Gum Health? Try this Quiz

What causes cavities? If you answered “sugar,” you’re on the right track. Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause cavities. These insidious little fellows are called Streptococcus mutans. Sucrose can be found in obvious sources such as candy, cookies, and even fruit. We also like to warn our patients about the sugar that can come from… Read more »