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Invisalign: Why You Are (But Shouldn’t Be) Embarrassed To Ask About It

Invisalign treatment is something that may work wonders for many patients! While you hope you’re one of them, you still aren’t quite sure because you’re feeling too embarrassed to ask us your questions. Today, our Moreno Valley, CA team would like to reassure you and remind you why there is absolutely no reason to feel… Read more »

Your Invisalign Plans: 3 Things You’ve Got To Think About

Your teeth aren’t arranged in such a way that your smile looks flawless. Nope, they’re not even arranged in such a way that your smile looks sort-of straight. Instead, you have a smile that you wish appeared beautifully aligned but you know that you’re going to have to receive orthodontics to make that happen. So,… Read more »

Life With Invisalign: Things You’ll Get Used To

At first glance, life with Invisalign treatment may seem easy enough. Nobody can really see your trays. You’re headed toward a straight smile. What could be better? Only then, you wonder about something. Then you wonder about something else. Before you know it, you’re starting to doubt how easy it is to go through treatment… Read more »

Quiz Your Dentist About Invisalign®

Wanting a straighter smile is one thing, but wanting to correct misaligned teeth without having to rely on braces is another. Fortunately, this is possible for a large number of patients, thanks to the innovation of Invisalign® clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, which rely on brackets and wires to gently realign crooked teeth, Invisalign® relies… Read more »

3 Invisalign Resolutions You Can Keep

Raise your hand if you have ever made a resolution you didn’t keep. That’s just about everyone. If you are an older teen or an adult, and you are already wearing (or considering wearing) clear braces, here are some resolutions that should be easy to keep. Invisalign clear braces use a series of custom fitted… Read more »

Invisalign: 2 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Misplace Trays

It may often seem impossible to lose your Invisalign treatment trays. You generally keep them close, you only take them out to brush, floss, or eat, and the idea of actually misplacing them seems impossible. We understand how you feel about this topic but we happen to have heard it all many, many times before…. Read more »

Invisalign: Don’t Forget To Wear It

One of the most important factors associated with Invisalign treatment is that you actually wear your clear aligner trays. While this may sound quite obvious and perhaps a little bit silly, you may be surprised by how many patients accidentally forget to wear their trays. Sometimes, it’s a skipped day. Other times, it’s a problem… Read more »