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Q&A: Can Invisalign Work For An Underbite?

If you have been diagnosed with an underbite, you may wonder what your options are. Will you definitely require traditional braces to shift your smile into a balanced alignment? Or, will you be able to rely on Invisalign treatment? We commonly find that patients assume Invisalign is strictly for cosmetic improvements, which simply isn’t the… Read more »

3 Ways Invisalign Makes Itself Hidden

When you think about orthodontics, you might immediately imagine a mouth full of one very obvious treatment or another. The truth is, however, that orthodontic care is not something that others need to know you’re experiencing. In addition, treatment isn’t something that needs to become a challenge or a stumbling block in your life. Instead,… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment: Simple Responsibilities

Did you know that it’s actually very easy to make it through your Invisalign treatment successfully, provided that you keep your responsibilities in mind? Have you had friends with traditional braces who have lamented the changes in their lives, so you assume clear aligner trays will be nearly the same? As a matter of fact,… Read more »

Q&A: Invisalign And Your Comfort

When patients visit us for orthodontic care, one of their biggest concerns is often related to their comfort. Is Invisalign treatment going to be comfortable, you may wonder to yourself? How about the process that leads up to receiving your trays? Fortunately, this orthodontic system offers exceptional comfort. For some reassurance, we would like to… Read more »

3 Ways To Succeed With Invisalign

When you begin your Invisalign treatment, you may not be thinking much about the multifaceted details that can make (or break) the success of your orthodontic care. Fortunately, as long as you pay attention to some essential factors as you go, succeeding in reaching the straight smile you want is simple. To help you get… Read more »

Do I Need Invisalign (Or Something Else)?

Do you wonder if you need Invisalign treatment or if there is some other orthodontic treatment that is more in line with your specific needs? For patients who are hoping to achieve a more attractive smile, and often even a healthier smile by accessing our care, it’s important to remain open minded. For some, relying… Read more »

Let’s Review: Why Invisalign Is A Good Choice

Are you interested in learning more about Invisalign treatment but you aren’t really sure if it’s something you should consider? Maybe you have heard that it’s just too wonderful, so you assume the benefits aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Perhaps you have just begun your foray into the world of orthodontic options and you… Read more »