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3 Invisalign Questions Answered

When we speak with patients about their feelings regarding smile alignment, we find that there’s a lot of excitement mixed with some hesitation. For example, are you interested in Invisalign treatment but have some lingering questions that are keeping you from feeling over-the-top confident about moving forward toward an improved smile, rest assured: We’ve got… Read more »

Stop! That’s Bad For Your Invisalign Trays!

Do you know all of the things that you are supposed to be doing, so you can achieve effective Invisalign treatment? You likely know how many hours a day you need to wear the trays, how to clean them and how often, and an estimate for the length of your treatment course. What you might… Read more »

When Do You Suggest Invisalign?

When it comes to straighter smiles, our patients have lots of questions about the straightening process, different orthodontic treatment options, and what to expect. If you have been looking into Invisalign treatment, chances are good that you are curious about when we suggest Invisalign (and associated concerns). Do yourself a favor and sit back, relax,… Read more »

A Quiz: Details Of Invisalign Treatment

You might know all that there is to know about the benefits of choosing Invisalign treatment to align your smile. What you may find, however, once you have become quite excited about this orthodontic treatment is that you are still a little bit unsure regarding the daily details of treatment. For instance, how many hours… Read more »

Qualifying For Invisalign

Have you been dedicating some significant time to the thought of choosing Invisalign treatment to align your smile? If so, we applaud your choice to make your decision only once you feel fully informed. If part of your dilemma at the moment is the fact that you don’t feel you have all of details you need, we… Read more »

What Are Clear Braces?

Have you been wondering about clear braces since you have started looking into orthodontic treatment options? For patients researching ways to align their smiles, coming up against the potential need to wear a mouth that displays metal brackets and wires is sometimes simply not an option. Perhaps you’re concerned it will negatively affect your image… Read more »

Invisalign Treatment Benefits

Does your smile’s lack of uniformity cause you to feel dissatisfied with your overall appearance? Perhaps you have little spaces between your teeth that you find both esthetically displeasing and uncomfortable. Whatever the case, we find that patients (just like you) commonly avoid orthodontic treatment because they do not want to deal with the undesirable… Read more »