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No Need to Avoid Orthodontics – Cosmetic Braces are Here

If you are unhappy with the idea of orthodontics at your age or stage of life, but you are even more unhappy with the way your smile looks, there is good news. Options are available. Braces have improved with technology to meet the aesthetic desires of patients. The Moreno Valley, CA dentists at Moreno Valley… Read more »

Types of Invisible Braces Available from Riverside Dentists

It’s not terribly uncommon to see adults wearing braces, but orthodontic pursuits tend to be reserved primarily for adolescents and teenagers. What were the standards of orthodontic care and technology during your coming-of-age? From generation to generation, the materials and knowledge involved with braces has transitioned, but the traditional material used was always some form… Read more »

Invisalign or Traditional Braces?

Metal braces appear complex and indestructible. Taking up all of that room in your mouth, pulling and pushing your jaw and your teeth in different directions, it’s no wonder traditional braces haven’t changed very much over the years. They do work. When you see a treatment such as Invisalign, it’s easy to assume that these… Read more »

Does Our Invisalign Quiz Align with Your Knowledge?

Incorrect alignment of the upper and lower dental arches is called malocclusion. You may have heard of overbites and underbites. There’s also something called a crossbite where your teeth angle in different directions rather than straight up-and-down. Many people are used to braces as the only possible option for straightening teeth. Fortunately, dental innovations have… Read more »