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Dental Care: Ask Yourself, “What Can I Change?”

Your Temecula dentist recognizes that you may occasionally get a bit caught up in the details of your smile in regard to the things you cannot always do much about. You cannot make your smile look just like someone else’s. You cannot turn back the hands of time and stop a cavity from developing that… Read more »

Why See Our Team For Orthodontic Care?

Are you thinking that you might want to stop by to talk with our Temecula, CA team about orthodontic care but you aren’t really sure who it’s for? Do you worry that maybe your needs aren’t going to be able to be met by the treatments we offer or by orthodontics in general? Of course,… Read more »

Flossing With Your Temecula Dentist: A Step-By-Step Guide

Sometimes, when you’re standing in the bathroom, reaching for the dental floss, and you’re ready to finish your dental hygiene session, you may think to yourself: Wow, I wonder if I’m flossing correctly. If this thought crosses your mind, our Temecula, CA team reminds you that you are definitely not the first, nor will you… Read more »

Making Cosmetic Dentistry Work For You

Do you want cosmetic dentistry but your main obstacle is the fact that you wonder if there is any way to make it work for you? For instance, are you concerned about your budget? Maybe you have a very hectic schedule, so you wonder how it will all work out in your favor. Or, maybe… Read more »

Why Your Temecula Dentist Says: Don’t Forget About Your TMJs

Your Temecula dentist would like to take a moment to toss an idea out there: Don’t forget about your TMJs! While you may not know what to do with this suggestion right off the bat, particularly if you aren’t really even sure what a TMJ is, our Temecula, CA team is happy to help. Remember,… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Offers: Flossing Myths You Should Completely Ignore

While you might not believe it until you see it or hear it, there are myths that can end up circulating about nearly anything you can possibly imagine. If you thought that something as seemingly simple and basic as dental floss could escape the grips of modern mythology, think again! Just open your mouth to… Read more »

Your Secret Questions: 24 Hour Emergency Services

You may feel some amount of security when you realize you are a patient at a Temecula, CA dental practice that offers 24 hour emergency services. It’s so reassuring! However, you may also experience some emotions or have some thoughts that cause you to wonder: Should you actually call us if you think you may… Read more »