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Your Children’s Dentist Discusses: Details That Can Trip You Up

What’s on your mind when it comes to your kids’ dental health, your children’s dentist wants to know? Are you generally optimistic, proactive, and feeling good about guiding your little ones’ oral health but you sometimes find yourself tripped up by a bit of confusion? Before you make any type of assumptions that cause you… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Your Temecula dentist wants to help you enjoy Valentine’s day and, as a result, has some suggestions for you. It’s important to keep in mind during this time of year and during other holidays that you don’t always have to reach for sweetened treats to make your day. Instead, there are always other paths to… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Talks: Treating And Preventing Chips!

There’s often nothing more frustrating than a chipped tooth. One moment your tooth looks fine. The next, there’s a chip and your previously pristine smile now has an eyesore that seems to be the only thing you see when you look at your reflection in the mirror. What are you supposed to do now, you… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Defines Confusing Terms

Need a translation for that clinical term or brand new word you’re seeing and that means very little to you? Not a problem. Your Temecula dentist is here to get you started down a path toward becoming familiar with common (but often unknown) terminology. Remember that when you find yourself reading or listening and come… Read more »

3 Reasons You Need Orthodontics … Again!

There are so many reasons that a person might need orthodontic care. Yes, of course, the main reason is that your teeth could be in much better alignment than their current state. However, what are the reasons you might need care if you have already received orthodontics in the past? We are happy to review… Read more »

How Braces Benefit More Than Looks

If you are talking with your orthodontist about braces for you or your child, it’s a given that straighter teeth are a concern. There are several types of braces that can move teeth gently, safely and successfully into more functional and attractive positions. There are secondary benefits from having teeth straightened and situated properly in… Read more »

Your Cosmetic Dentist Suggests: 3 Tips For Your Holiday Smile

Who knew that heading to a holiday get together and hoping to put your brightest, most beautiful smile forward could turn out to be so tricky? While your smile might be perfectly lovely, your cosmetic dentist offers some suggestions for ensuring you don’t fall victim to the illusion of accidental discoloration and more!