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Cosmetic Dentistry: A Few Rules To Live By!

When you get excited about cosmetic dentistry, this is a completely natural response. Learning that you can do something about problems you’ve been seeing with your smile for quite a long time is a major relief. However, it’s very easy to have a simple, relaxing experience with this new journey of yours or to accidentally… Read more »

Flu Season: Your Children’s Dentist Quizzes You!

There are a lot of things to get excited about as fall arrives. However, the flu is not one of those things! We know it’s a lot more fun to think about bringing your little ones to pumpkin patches and other memorable moments, however the germs and illnesses that show up during autumn are important,… Read more »

3 Perks Of Visiting Your Temecula Dentist

You might be looking for a Temecula dentist who can take care of all of your oral health needs. Perhaps you are hoping to find someone who can protect the smiles of your entire family. Maybe there’s a particular detail you’re after because your smile requires special care. Good news: We are happy to share… Read more »

3 Ways To Fix Chips For A Pretty Smile

There’s nothing fun about a chipped tooth. It doesn’t look great on its own. It can end up making a smile that looks pretty otherwise suddenly look not so put-together. It can feel sharp, which may aggravate or even cut your tongue. The list goes on and on. While there are certainly some reasons to… Read more »

Cosmetic Dentistry: Is There Any Rush?

If you spend time thinking about how much better you’d feel if you were to improve the appearance of your smile, it may be time to come in to learn more about cosmetic dentistry. However, you might not call us because you assume once you come in for a consultation, you’ll need to immediately begin… Read more »

So…Is It Time For Orthodontic Care?

Your smile isn’t aligned in a beautiful, uniform configuration and you’re wondering if it’s time for orthodontic care. However, there are some things keeping you from coming to talk with us. First, you don’t know if what you’ve got going on with your teeth is something we can improve. You don’t know if you’re going… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Offers Helpful Candy Suggestions

You may be pacing back and forth these days, trying to sort out whether you’re doing a good job with your kids’ dental hygiene or if your methods could use some improvements. Part of your concern may be the fact that your little ones truly love eating candy! Though your brushing and flossing is on… Read more »