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Getting To Know Us: Meet Wendy Escutia-Hernandez

When it comes to getting to know our patients, we find that you are always more than happy to share your lives with us. From telling us all about your hopes and dreams for your smile to offering us entrance into your daily experiences and letting us know all about your careers, children, families, and more, you help… Read more »

Under-The-Radar Braces

Are you extremely relieved that you are going to achieve an aligned smile? Finally, your misalignment will be a distant memory and you will enjoy a beautiful, straight smile. Are you not so excited about the idea of orthodontic treatment because metal braces may have a significant impact on your life? Good news: We offer… Read more »

Do I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

There’s a very important question that needs answering – and it is often quite difficult to answer – when you’re seeking a way to improve your smile. That question follows: Do I need cosmetic dentistry? While you may think you have the right answer, the best approach is always to come in to see us. As… Read more »

Orthodontics: 3 Reasons To Feel Confident

Are you feeling exceptional about the thought of a beautifully aligned future smile? Are there some concerns that are throwing a wrench into your otherwise solid plans for moving forward with orthodontic care, so that smile becomes a reality? You don’t need to spend another second worrying. In addition to offering you the details you… Read more »

3 Avoidable Paths Toward Root Canals

You might not know it – but you may be on a pathway straight toward the need for root canal therapy at this very moment. While this might not be the news you were hoping to hear, it means that you can, in fact, often identify aspects of your daily life that you may improve… Read more »

Are You Sabotaging Your Whitened Smile?

Hooray! Your smile is a beautiful shade of white thanks to the amazing benefits of teeth whitening. While you may find yourself feeling somewhat invincible, it’s important that you bring yourself back down to earth. It’s true that your bright smile will continue to look lovely and vibrant for quite some time – however, you… Read more »

Quiz: Preventing Tooth Decay In Children

Do you know if you’re doing your best when it comes to protecting your child’s smile from tooth decay? Are you certain you are doing a wonderful job with the information you have but you are concerned you might be overlooking an essential aspect of preventive care? Don’t worry – we are happy to offer detailed… Read more »