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You Need It? Your Children’s Dentist Offers It.

Looking for a children’s dentist for your child can be quite easy when you stumble across the right practice (we think you just might like what you learn about us!) but it can also feel like quite a tall order. You are looking for an immaculate office, a friendly team, and most of all a… Read more »

Braces: To Eat Or Not To Eat?

When you’re wearing braces, you quickly discover that your diet changes in a number of ways. You eat with more caution to protect your orthodontic work and to keep food from becoming stuck. You make new choices to ensure you’re not eating something that will quickly damage your treatment. If you’re new to this, you… Read more »

Q&A Food Stuck Between Braces: What To Do?

If you are considering braces or you’re already wearing them, you know that one of the things you want to avoid most is food stuck between your brackets. However, this is not a feat you can always avoid if you’re not sure how to do so. You may also find that when food does become… Read more »

3 Times Your Temecula Dentist Suggests You Call Us

You might feel like you are already well aware of the times you should call us if you need something. However, we frequently hear from patients that they simply forgot to call, were afraid to call, or weren’t sure what we’d think about them calling. While we feel pretty sure that you know you are… Read more »

Q&A: National Children’s Dental Health Month!

There’s nothing like realizing it’s National Children’s Dental Health Month to get your attention centered on reviewing the care your children are receiving. When you’re feeling a little uncertain about particulars of oral health care for your child, it can feel somewhat unnerving. Particularly when those questions seem like things you should already know, you… Read more »

Can You Fix An Open Bite With Orthodontics?

When you finally learn about your malocclusion in which your back teeth touch but your front teeth do not, you discover your misalignment is called an open bite. What you might not learn immediately thereafter, however, is what on earth you can do to improve the alignment of your teeth. While you may not be… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Makes Dental Care Easy

You may wonder to yourself if there’s something you could do to make your dental care easier. Can you just brush once a day and floss (Hint: No, this is not going to work)? Can you find some other method of approaching your dental hygiene that you’ve never thought of before (Hint: Nope, you’re going… Read more »