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Your Temecula Dentist Talks: Hot Water And Ice

You know very well that lukewarm water or cool water is perfectly safe for your smile. More than that, it’s good for your smile because it allows you to keep your tissues hydrated (this helps you avoid dry mouth). It also flushes bad stuff away, such as pieces of food left on your teeth from… Read more »

After Cosmetic Dentistry: Your FAQs

The good new is that cosmetic dentistry provides you with changes that result in a much prettier looking smile. While you’re probably head over heels in love with this particular detail, you might find the uncertainty of what happens after cosmetic care to be somewhat of a hindrance. Not to worry! Caring for your newly… Read more »

Orthodontics: Just What Is That?

Do you know the difference between a dental visit, and a visit for orthodontic treatment? In many cases, they may take place in the same offices, but when a dental professional talks about orthodontics, the discussion will be about the positioning of your teeth, and the way your teeth and jaw interact. An orthodontic care… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Explains: Why Your Little Kids Need Your Help

Yep, you might think that after you explain dental hygiene to your child and run through brushing and flossing, you’re good to go. Of course, this would make those younger years much easier to get through. However, your children’s dentist explains that your little ones actually really need you to brush with them, floss with… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Quizzes You: Wine And Your Smile

Are you someone who enjoys a glass of wine every now and again? Perhaps you like a glass with your dinner. Maybe wine tasting is a favorite pastime. Whatever the case, your Temecula dentist encourages you to quiz yourself on this topic if it’s of interest to you. Why, you ask? Well, you might have… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Talks: Prepping For Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to preparing for cosmetic dentistry, there’s not much you have to do in a physical sense. However, this is certainly a big decision for you! As a result, we encourage you to ensure you go into this feeling prepared and confident, so the future looks just as bright and lovely as your… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Asks: Are You Having Taste Bud Problems?

Does your sense of taste seem off these days? If so, your Temecula dentist explains that an altered sense of taste (called Dysgeusia) may occur due to a variety of factors. So, before you assume your taste buds are forever destroyed and foods will never taste the same again, rest easy and schedule a visit… Read more »