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Cosmetic Dentistry: 3 Paths To A Uniform Smile

Do you ever stand in front of the mirror, taking a long hard look at your smile? What do you see? If you are one of our patients whose smile is not quite symmetrical – or simply has some uniformity issues – you may wonder if it’s just something you will need to learn to… Read more »

3 Ways Toward Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you happy that you have the opportunity to make your smile look better – but equally distressed that you won’t be able to afford cosmetic dentistry? If you have your heart set on a smile that you’re proud to call your own (but you don’t know how to budget it into your life), we… Read more »

Gum Quiz: Is Something Wrong?

Do you know how to differentiate between when something is wrong with your gum health and when you’re dealing with a cosmetic concern? Are you certain about gum disease symptoms, what to look for, and when to give us a call? First, your Temecula dentist wants to remind you that we are always happy to… Read more »

Braces: Your Options

Do you think you might benefit from wearing braces but you are not quite sure if you need orthodontic care? Perhaps you are fairly certain that you do but you aren’t sure which type of system will work best for you. For all of your alignment questions and needs, we encourage you to schedule a… Read more »

Getting To Know Us: Meet Amy Stout

As you get to know our team, you will find that we are a group of people who consider each other something of a family! Every individual who works with our practice is part of a larger community of individuals that extends not only to our own team but to our patients as well. In… Read more »

Getting To Know Us: Meet Wendy Escutia-Hernandez

When it comes to getting to know our patients, we find that you are always more than happy to share your lives with us. From telling us all about your hopes and dreams for your smile to offering us entrance into your daily experiences and letting us know all about your careers, children, families, and more, you help… Read more »

Under-The-Radar Braces

Are you extremely relieved that you are going to achieve an aligned smile? Finally, your misalignment will be a distant memory and you will enjoy a beautiful, straight smile. Are you not so excited about the idea of orthodontic treatment because metal braces may have a significant impact on your life? Good news: We offer… Read more »