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Reasons To Choose Teeth Whitening

Are you dragging your feet when it comes to moving forward with teeth whitening? What is keeping you from attaining a lovely, glittering smile? Are you worried that you cannot come up with enough reasons to justify seeking a cosmetic improvement? By learning more about some worthy reasons to select whitening, you can feel much… Read more »

2016: The Year For A Straighter Smile?

Are you thinking about self-improvement for 2016 and wondering if a straighter smile is a good goal to add to your list? For some patients, thinking about aligning smiles with orthodontic care is new territory, which means questions abound. For others, they have been wishing for a uniform smile since childhood and are focused on treatment… Read more »

Professionally Treating a Toothache

When your tooth hurts, there may be little chance of ignoring it, depending on its severity. Even if it is mild enough to forget about it for a while, you still should not disregard the discomfort. Whatever’s making your tooth sensitive may only grow worse the longer you neglect it. Some over-the-counter pain relievers can… Read more »

Should You Take Dry Mouth Seriously?

You may not think much about your saliva on a day-to-day basis, but when your salivary glands stop producing enough of it, the dryness can grab your attention pretty easily. Dry mouth is fairly common, and most people experience it to some degree when they’re thirsty, but when the condition is persistent, your mouth can… Read more »

Dental Contouring Quiz

Learning about dental contouring and its benefits can quickly put a smile on your face. After all, contouring may allow you to re-sculpt your smile, improving everything from awkward tooth shape and length to the overall uniformity of your grin. While you may have become quite familiar with the advantages, how much do you truly… Read more »