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Facts To Help You Stop Avoiding Braces

Have you been wondering about braces, whether it’s for your own smile, or because you are concerned about a child or loved one? If you have been asking friends or scouring the internet, trying to determine if braces are necessary, or if they can do the job, we have a suggestion. Attend a complimentary orthodontic… Read more »

How To Achieve A Glittering Holiday Grin 

When you visualize the holiday parties that are ahead, you imagine twinkling, sparkling brightness and snow-capped everything! Unfortunately, if the second the thought of your smile enters the picture, you immediately feel that visualize grow dim or less than merry, it’s time for the help of our Temecula, CA team! We are well aware of… Read more »

Your Temecula Dentist Offers: Benefits Of Fillings Beginning With “C”

If you ever sit down to talk with our Temecula, CA team about the benefits of dental fillings (remember, we offer tooth-colored fillings at our practice), then you will find we could go on for quite a long time, explaining what makes them so wonderful! From your perspective, though, we realize you’d like some quick,… Read more »

Oral Health Consequences: Logging Lots Of Computer Time 

There are some things you know without a shadow of a doubt can cause problems for your oral health. Our Temecula, CA team does our best, of course, to ensure you’re aware of the details, so you can maintain a healthy smile. However, you sometimes find that there are some habits that are indirectly impacting… Read more »

Simple (But Important) Mouthguard Reminders From Your Temecula Dentist

Your Temecula dentist is on the scene and is ready to talk with you about mouthguards! As you know, a guard is something that we offer for a variety of reasons at our Temecula, CA practice! Some patients may wear athletic mouthguards to protect their oral health during sports. Others may wear this oral appliance… Read more »

Halloween: How To Have Fun, Even With Braces! 

So you have braces and, as a result, you feel sort of upset about having to go through Halloween with brackets and wires in place. We understand that this creates some level of limitation. However, our Temecula, CA team wants you to remember that while you may not be sinking your smile into a caramel… Read more »

Stop Your Cavity From Taking Over Your Life! 

If you neglect to do anything about a cavity that’s present in your smile, you may know better than anyone that it can really start to take over a part of your daily life. Of course, our Temecula, CA team is well aware that this isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. So, what’s the… Read more »