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Regular Dental Checkups Will Help You Preserve Your Smile

What does your current smile care routine look like? Are you doing enough each day to make sure that you have no problems with tooth decay or gum disease? The unfortunate reality is that many people who believe they are taking effective care of their teeth will learn that they need work done on a… Read more »

How Alarmed Should I Be If My Child Has A Cavity?

Until they are old enough to do it for themselves, children need their parents’ help with keeping their teeth clean. By taking care of their teeth at home, and bringing them in for regular pediatric dental exams, you can lower your child’s risk for tooth decay. Unfortunately, cavities do form and affect the oral health… Read more »

Treatment Options For Patients With Crooked Teeth

Patients who have problems with malocclusion can fixate on the effect poor smile alignment has on their appearance, but overlook the effect this condition has on their oral health. Problems with poorly aligned teeth can make you more likely to develop a teeth grinding habit and problems with TMJ disorder. It can also interfere with… Read more »

3 Reasons To Be Consistent With Routine Dental Exams

How reliable are you when it comes to scheduling and attending routine dental exams? Are you someone who dependably sees your dentist every six months, or have you fallen out of the habit of going in for preventive care? Missing appointments can be more harmful than you realize. You may not notice when a cavity… Read more »

What Improvements Can You See After Veneers Are Placed?

Have you been curious about cosmetic dental work but unsure of what it will take to make all of the smile changes you wish to see? For some patients, an interest in cosmetic work can be offset by a fear that the improvements they want are simply out of reach. You can be excited to… Read more »

Finding A Dental Office That Is Ready To Help Your Child

While patients can have many common concerns, anyone who comes to our Temecula, CA dentist’s office should be able to count on treatment that focuses on their individual needs. That commitment to providing the right care for every patient extends to our youngest patients. If you have had trouble finding a dental office for your… Read more »

Are You Worried About How Braces Will Affect Your Smile?

What stops people from finally addressing issues with malocclusion? For some, the idea of wearing braces can make them too self-conscious to move forward with orthodontic treatment. What they fail to recognize is how many other options there are for an adjustment. At our Temecula, CA dentist’s office, we provide multiple treatment options for individuals… Read more »