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Corona Dentists Explain Differences Between Canker and Cold Sores

Do you deal with seemingly chronic, or certainly recurring cold sores, canker sores, or both? You may know too well that familiar tingling in around your mouth that tells you one of these uncomfortable lesions is coming on. If you have dealt with canker and cold sores, you know very well that they can be… Read more »

Corona Dentists Point to Study in Suggesting Less Sports and Energy Drinks

Have you ever been to a youth sporting event? You’ve surely seen a high-school, middle-school, or even elementary aged youngster downing a large bottle of a sports or energy drink. Or maybe you’ve seen the same thing surrounding regular life – no sports involved. There’s no doubt that these drinks – promising electrolyte replenishment and… Read more »

Corona Dentist Explains Dental Evidence of Stressful Living

We often think of stress as bad, but a certain amount of stress is actually good. Our bodies and minds need stress to help them become, and remain, strong. The problem arises when we become overwhelmed by stress. Too much stress comes with a price, mentally and physically. Evidence of stress can present as frustration,… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentists on Tooth Sensitivity and Gum Recession

Experiencing pain or sensitivity in your teeth can ruin a perfectly good time. Studies indicate that as many as 88% of Americans suffer from some form of tooth sensitivity. Many people experience quick, sharp pain when exposed to extreme temperatures. Although cavities could certainly cause tooth sensitivity, gum recession also lends a hand to the… Read more »

Corona Dentists Discuss New Toothpaste Evaluation Methods

Smiling can provide numerous emotional benefits. Known to boost and convey confidence, people with bright, beautiful smiles reportedly earn more than their yellow-toothed counterparts. Feeling embarrassed about the appearance of teeth can cause people to miss out on the joys of flashing a smile. Toothpaste selection can impact teeth. Some toothpaste contains elements for tooth… Read more »

Symptoms Worthy of Contacting Your Moreno Valley Dentist

Most patients navigate through their day-to-day to life experiencing little or no immediate symptoms which warrant an unscheduled dental visit. The two regularly scheduled checkups per year are usually enough to address patients’ dental treatment needs. Occasionally, patients will lapse on their regularly scheduled six-month appointments and run into unfamiliar symptoms. The dentists at Dental… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentist on Preventive Treatments for Children

Does your child often miss a few spots while brushing? As a child develops, so does their daily oral health regimen. Luckily, there are options available designed to help protect children’s teeth. Your Moreno Valley dentist, Dr. Tonia Cantrell shares some information about the preventive treatment options available to young patients in Moreno Valley. Joyride… Read more »