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Corona’s Discrete Solution for a Straighter Smile

The term “malocclusion” refers to an incorrect alignment of the upper and lower dental arches, meaning the upper and lower teeth do not fit together properly when your jaw is at rest. The most common forms of malocclusion are overbite (upper teeth extend too far), underbite (lower teeth extend too far), and crossbite (teeth angle… Read more »

Can Soy Milk be Bad for Your Teeth?

In a health-conscious world, the word “soy” receives mixed reviews. Some praise soy for its health benefits as an alternative to such foods as milk and meat, while some consider it useless, if not downright harmful, to our physical wellbeing. A new study from University of Melbourne’s Dental School in Australia suggests that soy milk… Read more »

Why do Gums Suffer with Age?

Periodontitis, or gum disease, causes excessive gum bleeding and bone loss, which eventually leads to tooth loss. In fact, periodontitis is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the US. The swelling and bleeding associated with gum disease is caused by an over-active immune response to the bacteria in your mouth. As we grow… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz from Riverside Dentists

See how much you know about when to floss, how to choose the right toothbrush, and preventing tooth sensitivity with this quiz from our Riverside dentists. Check to see which questions you got right by clicking “Read More.” Q1. How many times a day should you floss? A. At least twice B. Once a day… Read more »

What You Eat Can Help or Harm Your Dental Health

Your diet affects more than your weight or overall health. What you eat also affects the health of your mouth. Your mouth is constantly coated by a thin biofilm of bacteria and plaque. When certain ingredients in food and beverages come into contact with this biofilm, they secrete harmful acids that attack tooth enamel. Your… Read more »

Holy Halitosis! How to Combat Bad Breath in Riverside

Bad breath (halitosis) affects, and embarrasses, everyone at some point in life. Smelly foods, like fish, garlic, and curry, have oils that travel to the lungs and lead to bad breath. Other causes include dry mouth, postnasal drip or sinus problems, certain medications, smoking, gingivitis, tooth decay, and volatile sulfur compounds, or VSFs. You can… Read more »

Corona Dentists Educate Patients on Gum Disease

Our team of talented doctors and specialists at Dental Associates of Corona strive to educate our patients on maintaining optimal oral health. If you have visited our Corona dentist office, you are probably familiar with the terms “gingivitis” or “gum disease.” However, our dentists have found that many patients are unaware of how gum disease… Read more »