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The Vicious Cycle of Tooth Loss

Permanent tooth loss is a surprisingly common occurrence, especially as we get older. The frequency may make losing adult teeth seem like no big deal, but to your body, there is nothing normal about it. Tooth loss has detrimental effects on your mouth. In our determination to ensure that you maintain excellent dental health, the Moreno… Read more »

How Much Do you Know about Fluoride?

You probably had fluoride treatments when you were younger, or have given the okay for your child to have them at some of their six month checkups. Why is fluoride so important? Well, your teeth are coated by tooth enamel, which is the hardest substance in your body. However, teeth go through a lot of… Read more »

Stay Sweet Without the Cavities

It’s no surprise that sugar plays a role in your dental health. If you have been following through with the recommended biannual dental checkups and cleanings, then you’ve probably been hearing this for as long as you can remember. Among the top things that dentists and hygienists educate their patients on is the fact that sucrose… Read more »

Connecting Oral Health to Pancreatic Cancer

Maintaining a perfectly healthy mouth can reduce the risk of overall health problems. Certain harmful bacteria found in the mouth can cause problems throughout the human body. People with prosthetic hips often find that oral bacteria infect the area surrounding their prosthetic. Additionally, many patients diagnosed with endocarditis (an infection of heart tissues) find oral bacteria present… Read more »

Should Pregnant Women have Dental Cleanings?

Many women fear that they should cut off their preventive dental care when they are pregnant. It’s true that x-rays are definitely not an option when a baby is gestating. Additionally, certain invasive dental procedures aren’t recommended in a prenatal state. However, pregnancy is no time to avoid the dentist completely. Pregnant women are actually at a higher risk for gum… Read more »

Defining Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

There are many reasons why someone might require oral or maxillofacial surgery. You can probably guess that the definition of oral surgery is surgery on your mouth. Maxillofacial surgeries include the face and upper jawbone. The Corona dentists at Dental Associates of Corona provide a multi-specialty practice to patients. If you need oral surgery, you can have it under… Read more »

Toothache Causes and Treatments

The pervasive discomfort of a toothache can damper even the brightest of days. As throbbing pain encompasses your mouth, you may also feel the ache radiating into other parts of your anatomy like your face and head. Toothaches make it difficult to chew, yawn, sleep, and speak. What are the causes of your toothache? What are… Read more »