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Corona Dentists Suggest Best Time to Brush Teeth

Do you brush your teeth twice a day? You’ve probably gotten such advice from your dentist, but this isn’t a random suggestion. In a society like ours that is so busy, where people often eat or snack late at night, brushing before bed can be as important as brushing in the morning. Some people do… Read more »

Moreno Valley Dentists Answer Question: Should Kids Floss?

The answer to the question of should children floss is a resounding yes! We should definitely teach and encourage our young ones to floss each and every day, from early on. Flossing is a partner to brushing, preventing plaque and tartar buildup. Your toothbrush cannot reach the nooks and crannies between your teeth. While you… Read more »

Corona Dentists Dish on Fish

As February winds down, we would like to point out that it is still National Hearth Month. An oral-systemic connection centers on the idea that your dental health and overall health are related. Many studies have linked heart health to gum disease. With your heart and your teeth possibly so closely connected, we would like… Read more »

Cracked Tooth FAQs from Riverside, CA General Dentists

Cracked teeth can present with a variety of symptoms. You might feel occasional pain when chewing, or if you drink or something with an extreme hot or cold temperature. Cracks are often difficult to diagnose if they aren’t extremely deep and obvious. They may not even show up on x-rays, and the pain comes and… Read more »

Dental Emergency Part 1: Tooth and Jaw Fractures

Today, your Corona dentists at Riverside Dental Group will begin the first in a four part blog series about various types of dental injuries and emergencies. One common injury that can affect your teeth or your jaw are fractures. Fractures can be of varying depths, but a fracture is essentially defined as a break. Cracked Tooth… Read more »

Relationship Between Teeth Grinding and Stress Explained in Riverside

Stress can be a catalyst for many conscious and unconscious side effects. Tension can lead to fingernail biting, chewing on pencils, or clenching teeth, for example. These manifestations of stress can affect your dental health negatively. The clinical term for grinding and clenching teeth, either when your awake or asleep, is bruxism. Also known as… Read more »

Corona Dentists Quiz On Dental Care As We Age

Longevity has extended, on the average, over time. In the last 50 years, the average life expectancy has extended 10 years for both men and women. Advances in knowledge of nutrition, physical fitness, and better and more consistent medical care mean that our physical bodies are likely to hold up well into the 70s, 80s,… Read more »