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Stop your Poor Dental Habits Before it’s too Late

There’s more to the journey towards keeping your teeth healthy than just brushing and flossing. Yes, biannual dental checkups walk you down the next mile. But if you want to reach the finish line and keep your natural teeth for the rest of your life, you need to treat them with the same care you… Read more »

Enjoy Chewing Gum? Try this Xylitol Quiz

Go ahead and enjoy a nice stick of minty chewing gum following a meal. Just be sure that it’s a sugar-free variety. Over the years there have been many concerns in the medical field regarding long term effects of artificial sweeteners on human health. Xylitol, however, is found in most sugarless gum varieties, and is… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Remind Patients to Brush their Teeth

When it comes to educating adult patients on oral hygiene, sometimes the basics are assumed. However, we must remember that through advances in dentistry, ideas on toothbrushing have evolved over the years. Even when the knowledge is there, good habits can fall by the wayside, or details are forgotten. There are also cases where parents… Read more »

A Quiz on Flossing from your Riverside Dentists

Most likely, you are aware of the importance of flossing. When you go to your dentist for your bi-annual exams, your hygienist may have even given you a lesson on the proper ways to floss. Many dentists send you home with floss samples to further cement the importance of the flossing habit. The Academy of… Read more »

All About Dental Cleanings from Riverside General Dentists

Have you ever left a dental checkup and cleaning and felt the pleasure of running your tongue over your smooth, clean teeth? This is undoubtedly largely the effort of your faithful dental hygienist. Their job is to clean your teeth of the plaque and tartar build up that is a natural occurrence within the six… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Discuss Manufactured and Natural Mouthwash Possibilities

Using a daily mouthwash is a choice that some people make because they feel it makes their mouth feel cleaner, their teeth and gums healthier, and their breath fresher. This may or may not be true, depending on what type of mouthwash you use. Some over-the-counter products contain alcohol, which can cause dry mouth issues…. Read more »

Riverside, CA Dentists Help Seal the Deal in Fighting Tooth Decay

Widespread fluoridation of public water supplies hit a peak in the 1980s. What followed was a marked decline in tooth decay in the United States. Unfortunately, though, water fluoridation is just part of the preventive dentistry puzzle. The deep cracks, fissures, and valleys in teeth can harbor food particles and bacteria even with people that… Read more »