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Woodcrest Dentist Say It’s Okay to Have Your Gum and Chew It, Too

Are you a gum chewer? Some people are all day chewers, while others find gum to be an unpleasant habit. If you’ve ever stepped or sat on the sticky substance, or seen someone loudly chomping and smacking away on a piece of their favorite chewing gum, you probably know why some people attach negative connotations… Read more »

Have Fun Tonight, But Watch What Your Eat Before Bed

The day is here – February 14th: Valentine’s Day. Whether you are full of love for a significant other that you have been with for years and year, you have just started dating someone new, or you’re happily single and celebrating how much you love your independence, Valentine’s Day can be an indulgent holiday when… Read more »

Avoid Tooth Loss with Your Riverside Dentists

As children, we look forward to losing our teeth. Maybe the excitement came from knowing it was only temporary, and that we would have a new set of teeth in no time. But, after losing that initial set of teeth, we can’t look forward to tooth loss any longer. Missing teeth in our adult years… Read more »

Dementia and Chewing Ability Quiz from Riverside Dentists

As the population continues to live longer and longer, an increase in certain medical conditions could occur. More patients require hip and joint replacements each year as their body simply wears down with age. Additionally, many other patients notice a loss in mental capacity as they age. Could there be a link between oral health… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Discuss Dental Phobia and a Multi-Specialty Practice

Dental phobia is a serious problem which affects countless individuals. Neglecting dental visits due to fear can cause more oral issues as teeth remain untreated for long periods of time. Sometimes, poor oral health and dental phobia combine, snowballing into a situation seemingly too difficult to overcome. With a range of issues affecting phobic patients,… Read more »

Riverside Dentists Discuss the Stages of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an inflammation of the gums that can lead to the destruction of the tissues and bone that surround and support your teeth. If left untreated, periodontal disease leads to tooth loss. Over 75% of Americans have some type of periodontal disease, so recognizing early warning signs is essential to… Read more »

Brushing Tips from Your Riverside Dentists

We learn to brush our teeth as children, and the practice becomes rote. Many people are brushing their teeth at 40 the same way they brushed their teeth at 5, which could be incorrect or inadequate. Proper brushing technique can mean the difference between years of solidly good oral health, or ongoing issues with tooth… Read more »