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Your Orthodontic Treatment: From Start To Finish!

When you think about doing something in regard to your smile’s lack of alignment, you know that there’s going to be some kind of orthodontic treatment involved. However, as for the start-to-finish journey that is required for your smile to go from point A (its current state) to point B (a beautifully aligned grin), you’re… Read more »

Want Orthodontics In 2019? Start With These Tips.

If you want orthodontics in 2019 because you are ready to get your smile into beautiful alignment, then you might feel fairly excited! The anticipation when you’re planning on doing something beneficial for your smile can be a wonderful feeling. That is, assuming you know how to gets started. If you’re feeling a little shy… Read more »

Prepping For Orthodontics: 3 Things To Take Care Of Right Now

What’s that? You would really love to move forward with orthodontics but you haven’t actually done anything to prepare yourself just yet? Have you gotten yourself introduced to the details regarding prep work but you just haven’t followed through? We understand that no matter the particular treatment you will be receiving to align your smile,… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist’s Ortho Q&A: Stuff You Wonder

Your Moreno Valley dentist knows that patients who know just a little bit about orthodontic care all have one thing in common: They have lots of questions. While we are actually very happy to offer you additional information and to answer your specific inquiries, worries, and more, we know that you may feel embarrassed to… Read more »

Orthodontics: What Type Of Retainer Do You Need?

First off, you may wonder if you even need a retainer. After all, your smile looks beautiful, you’ve already been through shifting your teeth into place, and your smile seems just right. Why mess with perfection, you wonder? Well, the truth is that just like your teeth shifted into the position we chose for them,… Read more »

Your Moreno Valley Dentist Talks: Teeth That Don’t Fit Together

If your teeth don’t seem to fit together well, there are multiple things that may be causing this. There are also some questions, the answers to which may help you better understand what may be going on. By reviewing the common reasons for you to feel you’re having trouble with bite balance, you can more… Read more »

3 Reasons You Need Orthodontics … Again!

There are so many reasons that a person might need orthodontic care. Yes, of course, the main reason is that your teeth could be in much better alignment than their current state. However, what are the reasons you might need care if you have already received orthodontics in the past? We are happy to review… Read more »