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The Question Of The Summer: Is Your Child Ready For Braces? 

It’s a question that patients often aren’t sure how to answer or to even begin tackling: Is my child ready for braces? The moment you ask it, you realize it brings up a slew of other questions that will most likely require the assistance of your Riverside dentist. Then, of course, as summer is slowly… Read more »

Take The Perspective: It’s Always A Good Time For Braces

You may spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best time to select braces for yourself. You know that you want them. However, you worry that you should consider a less busy time in your life, that you should look for a time that will have you seeing fewer people (so you… Read more »

Braces Are For…Wait, Who Are They For?

Are braces right for me? This may be a question you frequently ask yourself and, because you’re not really entirely sure about what’s available in today’s world of orthodontics, what will work for your needs, and more, you may find yourself in a tug of war. One second, you assume the answer is yes. The… Read more »

Orthodontic Care: Shift Your Perspective

If you’re someone who frequently considers orthodontic care but then dismisses it, our Temecula, CA team asks: Why don’t you follow through with learning more? In many cases, we discover that the patients we meet with have ideas about aligning their smiles that are rooted in the past or that just need a quick refresher… Read more »

Why See Our Team For Orthodontic Care?

Are you thinking that you might want to stop by to talk with our Temecula, CA team about orthodontic care but you aren’t really sure who it’s for? Do you worry that maybe your needs aren’t going to be able to be met by the treatments we offer or by orthodontics in general? Of course,… Read more »

Your Orthodontic Treatment: From Start To Finish!

When you think about doing something in regard to your smile’s lack of alignment, you know that there’s going to be some kind of orthodontic treatment involved. However, as for the start-to-finish journey that is required for your smile to go from point A (its current state) to point B (a beautifully aligned grin), you’re… Read more »

Want Orthodontics In 2019? Start With These Tips.

If you want orthodontics in 2019 because you are ready to get your smile into beautiful alignment, then you might feel fairly excited! The anticipation when you’re planning on doing something beneficial for your smile can be a wonderful feeling. That is, assuming you know how to gets started. If you’re feeling a little shy… Read more »