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The Straight Scoop on Orthodontics for Adults

Even though we tend to associate braces with the awkward pre-teen years, as much as 20% of orthodontics patients in the United States are adults. More and more adults are seeking out orthodontics as pressures at work and in the social world are prompting them to correct crooked, widely spaced, or protruding teeth and bite… Read more »

How Long Do Braces Take?

There are multiple orthodontic options, but if you opt for quicker systems (such as Six Month Smiles) the concept is similar to traditional braces. The same basic orthodontic equipment will be worn, but instead of visible metal braces, clear brackets are used. The wire that connects each bracket is tooth-colored, so that it blends into… Read more »

Don’t Push Away Love because of your Smile

The seasons come and go, year after year. It’s so easy to put things off and get caught up in commitments, and the next thing you know, another year has passed. If you are self-conscious about the way your teeth look, it’s possible that you avoid opening yourself up to enjoying the company of a… Read more »

Avoiding Years with Metal Braces

Let’s be honest: you’re not likely to hear someone say, “oh I hope I can get some metal braces.” As effective as traditional braces are, they come at a price that has nothing to do with money and everything to do with pride. There aren’t too many nearly invisible orthodontic options available to patients these… Read more »

Straight Teeth in Six Months?

We are getting closer to the final leg of 2014, and advances are made all the time in dentistry. A mere 20 or 30 years ago, you could comb the halls of your average middle or high-school and be visually assaulted by a sea of tin grins. The process of keeping bulky metal braces on… Read more »

Hidden Orthodontic Options

You may smile for the camera, smile at a new friend, or even flash a grin at a stranger. You almost certainly smile when you see an old friend, beloved family member, or your significant other.There are so many reasons to smile every single hour of every day. Yet some people end up hiding their… Read more »

Multiple Orthodontic Options Under One Roof

Orthodontic work corrects irregularities in the teeth, and moves them into an optimal position. Once a procedure many considered only for adolescents and teenagers, many people who did not receive orthodontic work when they were younger opt for braces later in life. Due to this fact, there are benefits to options which will suit patients of every… Read more »