Category: Patient Education

Payment Plan Quiz

Have you been stressing about scheduling your dental visit with us not because you are uncomfortable with the idea of dental care but because you don’t know how you will be able to afford it? Fortunately, we offer multiple payment plan options because we think it is extremely important that our patients feel completely comfortable… Read more »

Tooth-Friendly Foods For Your Toddler

We all want our kids to be healthy, to have good physically health and good oral health. Today we know that poor oral health can affect your overall health, so encouraging healthy habits while your children are young can help prevent issues from developing later on. However, we all know that kids can be very… Read more »

2015 Insurance Benefits Reminder

Are you making a list and checking it several times to make sure you don’t miss a beat this holiday season? If you haven’t added dental insurance benefits to that list then you will be happy for this friendly reminder. For those of you who access dental care with insurance, it is important to recognize… Read more »

Should You Take Dry Mouth Seriously?

You may not think much about your saliva on a day-to-day basis, but when your salivary glands stop producing enough of it, the dryness can grab your attention pretty easily. Dry mouth is fairly common, and most people experience it to some degree when they’re thirsty, but when the condition is persistent, your mouth can… Read more »

A Brand New Smile with Porcelain Veneers

There may be ways in which you wish you could improve your smile, but you aren’t exactly sure how. Or, you may have so many cosmetic concerns that you believe the smile you want is just out of reach. For many patients who once shared similar concerns, porcelain veneers have been able to provide the… Read more »

Home Hygiene: A True-Or-False Quiz

Do you brush your teeth every day and floss? How many times do you brush your teeth and are you sure you are flossing correctly? In addition to preventive care from our practice, your dental hygiene is extremely important to maintaining a healthy smile free of tooth decay and gum disease. To ensure you are doing… Read more »

The Straight Scoop on Orthodontics for Adults

Even though we tend to associate braces with the awkward pre-teen years, as much as 20% of orthodontics patients in the United States are adults. More and more adults are seeking out orthodontics as pressures at work and in the social world are prompting them to correct crooked, widely spaced, or protruding teeth and bite… Read more »