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Going the Extra Mile for Healthy Teeth

Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is considered to be the bare minimum when pursuing optimum oral health. Beyond brushing and flossing, there are several additional practices that can make the difference between sparkling, shining, healthy teeth or a mouth full of cavities and periodontal disease. The Corona dentists at dental associates… Read more »

Corona, CA Dentists Answer Questions Regarding Dental Sealants and Fluoride

The American Dental Association’s recommends dental checkups and cleanings every six months. This should start as early as just after your baby’s first tooth erupts. At some point during your child’s preventive dental care years, you will likely get a recommendation for fluoride and dental sealants. If you arm yourself with knowledge in advance, you’ll… Read more »

Dental Emergency Part 3: Loosened Teeth

Many people have nightmares about loosened permanent teeth. Once you have lost all of your baby teeth, and your adult teeth have grown in, you know that they are meant to stay rooted firmly in your mouth, hopefully for the rest of your life. The idea that you could sustain an injury or bacterial infection… Read more »

Dental Emergency Part 2: Knocked Out Teeth

Part two of our series on how to deal with dental emergencies will focus on teeth that are knocked out completely, from the root. If you were ever to get injured to this degree and it was on a weekend or off hours, there’s a possibility you could think, “well, my tooth is knocked out… Read more »

Prepared for a Dental Emergency? Try This Quiz

When a new year begins, many of us add an increase in activity to our list of goals. Plenty of children get new bikes and begin learning to ride them. While physical efforts such as these are rites of passage that are good for mind, body, and soul, accidents can happen. What would you do… Read more »

Corona Dentists Discuss New Toothpaste Evaluation Methods

Smiling can provide numerous emotional benefits. Known to boost and convey confidence, people with bright, beautiful smiles reportedly earn more than their yellow-toothed counterparts. Feeling embarrassed about the appearance of teeth can cause people to miss out on the joys of flashing a smile. Toothpaste selection can impact teeth. Some toothpaste contains elements for tooth… Read more »

Corona Dentist Details Harmful Halloween Candy

With each passing day, children move one step closer to donning their Halloween costumes. The ultimate goal of children everywhere on October 31st is singular: get candy. Some candies have ingredients that are more harmful to teeth than others. Today, the dentists at Dentistry of Corona will outline which candies to steer clear from on… Read more »