Category: Preventive Dentistry

3 Reasons To Schedule Dental Checkups Consistently

Have you fallen out of the practice of setting and attending routine dental exams? Have you moved to the area and still need to find a dental office that can care for you? You should know that there are benefits to consistent dental checkups and cleanings that are important for your smile. These visits keep… Read more »

Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Prevent Cavities

You should have a consistent routine in place to protect yourself against cavities. After all, decay can become a serious problem when it is not being active prevented. Even a small cavity will do permanent damage to your enamel, and a larger cavity can lead to problems with a tooth infection that requires root canal… Read more »

Have You Underestimated The Value Of Good Flossing Habits?

If you underestimate the benefits of flossing, you can have an easier time skipping it, or leaving it out of your oral care routine entirely. By doing this, you increase your risk for problems with tooth decay as well as gum disease, plus you make yourself more susceptible to a buildup of tartar! As thorough… Read more »

3 Problems That Can Lead To Worrying Tartar Accumulation

The fight to stop tartar from forming on your teeth is an important one. Tartar deposits that form will not budge when you brush and floss, which means they stick around to cause problems with dental decay and gum disease until your next professional teeth cleaning. Fortunately, you can keep your smile safe against the… Read more »

How Better Habits Can Help You Avoid Dental Discoloration

You feel good about the color of your teeth today, but will you have the same confidence in them in a year? What about after several years? While the right oral hygiene routine can protect you against the buildup of unsightly teeth stains, it can be difficult to completely avoid them over time. To keep… Read more »

Can Adjusting Your Daily Routine Help You Avoid Cavities?

Are you having a problem protecting yourself against tooth decay? It may seem strange to have issues with cavities when you feel certain you are keeping your smile clean each day. After all, how can tooth decay be a problem when you are consistently clearing away the bacteria and food debris that lead to problems?… Read more »

Making Healthy Teeth A Priority For Your Family

If you want everyone in your family to show off a healthy, confident smile, you should make sure that everyone is practicing smart oral care on a daily basis! At an early age, parents are directly responsible for cleaning a child’s teeth. Even if your kids are past the point where they need your direct… Read more »