Category: Restorative Dentistry

Watch Out For Signs Of A Tooth Infection

Are you already experiencing the painful effects of a tooth infection? These symptoms can be difficult to overlook, as they can leave you with an alarming amount of dental pain or sensitivity. If you continue to ignore that discomfort, you can leave yourself vulnerable to a problem that eventually results in tooth loss! Our Riverside,… Read more »

Trusting A Dental Bridge To Stay Secure

After you complete prosthetic dental work, will you be able to bite and chew with renewed confidence? Are you going to experience problems with a restoration that does not feel secure, causing potential embarrassment? When you start to look into treatment, you can learn about permanent prosthetic restorations that can be trusted to remain in… Read more »

When You Need Multiple Dental Treatments

Will one trip to the dentist’s office address everything that is currently wrong with your smile? When you keep up with good oral hygiene habits, and you regularly schedule preventive care, you can lower your risk for dental problems that might call for multiple services. However, if you do find yourself in need of more… Read more »

How Fillings And Crowns Restore Teeth

If you stay consistent with dental exams and commit to thoroughly cleaning your teeth each day, you can protect yourself against oral health problems that require restorative care. With that said, many people will experience at least one cavity in their life, even if they feel they have a good preventive routine in place. Our… Read more »

What To Do After Breaking Or Losing A Dental Crown

A dental crown is not supposed to a be a short-term solution to a dental problem. When your dentist places a crown, the intent is to permanently protect a vulnerable tooth. This is important after a cavity or injury takes place, because our enamel will not be able to naturally recover from these problems. If… Read more »

Visiting Your Dentist To Discuss A Toothache

Hopefully, you will only visit your dentist to receive routine preventive care. At regular dental exams and cleanings, you receive support for your smile that can make problems less likely to occur. During some visits, your dentist may identify problems that they can then warn you about. Unfortunately, for some, a trip to the dentist… Read more »

Trusting A Filling To Make Sure Your Tooth Stays Healthy

Dental fillings have to be placed when teeth are treated for cavities. Unfortunately, we are not able to naturally recover the dental material we lose to decay when a cavity forms. Without the right protection, a tooth would remain vulnerable to physical harm as well as further issues with infection. A dental filling provides a… Read more »