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Same Day Appointments Are Great For…

Sometimes you need a same day appointment. If you’re someone who prides yourself on being able to take care of yourself, on doing things ahead of time, etc., then the concept of suddenly needing to call us up and have us add you to our schedule might make you a bit uncomfortable. We would like… Read more »

Things To Remember About Sleep Apnea Treatment

Don’t forget that when you are a patient who finds out you need sleep apnea treatment, there are some important things to remember. Of course, the most important is remembering to use your treatment as we suggest. Then, of course, there are those details that help you stay the course and keep your confidence high!

Your Riverside Children’s Dentist Talks: Painful Chewing

Has your child been complaining about discomfort while eating? If so, your Riverside children’s dentist is ready to talk about painful chewing. It’s something that may very well occur throughout your little one’s childhood and something that can scare you or that you can easily be prepared for! Find out what may be going on,… Read more »

Your Best Dental Group: When Is It Us?

Throughout your life, you search far and wide for the best dental group for yourself. Perhaps you one day have a family and then you’re wading through debris, looking high and low for a practice that will suit not only your needs but those of your loved ones, too! While we don’t want to come… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Don’t Give Into These Thoughts

Though you know we offer sleep apnea treatment and that when you’re ready to find out more, all it takes is scheduling an appointment, that doesn’t mean you’re calling us up as quickly as you can to do so. Instead, you may be letting some conflicting thoughts creep into your mind, which can deter you… Read more »

Your Riverside Children’s Dentist Talks: Springtime Suggestions

We know that you’re busy and you may be thinking to yourself, “I’ll just wait until the kids are on their summer vacation to plan things,” which may include your children’s dental care. However, once summer rolls around, you may have a harder time getting the dates and times you want for cleanings, checkups, and… Read more »