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Until You Receive Sleep Apnea Care: Things That Become Increasingly Hard

You might think that the way you feel right now in regard to dealing with sleep apnea (without yet receiving sleep apnea treatment) is how you’re going to continue to feel until you follow through with receiving care from our Riverside, CA team. Perhaps your side effects and fatigue are just manageable, so you don’t… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist Says: Keep Your Smile Clean!

You might know that you should keep your smile clean. You are also probably aware that our Riverside, CA team does everything we can to convince you to keep it as clean as possible. However, you may not know why it’s so extremely significant. Today, your Riverside dentist is more than happy to clear this… Read more »

Reasons You Might Hate Flossing (And How To Start Liking It!)

If you hate flossing, raise your hand! If your hand just shot up into the air like a rocket, then we may have some talking we need to do! First, realize that flossing should be something that you don’t mind doing. Why is that? Well, because it’s simple and literally takes up about 60 seconds… Read more »

Your Riverside Dentist’s Tips: Keep Your Kids’ Hands Clean!

Here we are! It’s a new year, it’s cozy winter time, and it’s also … yes, you guessed it … cold and flu season. While you may be quite good about keeping your hands clean, that doesn’t mean your children have picked up on your detailed approach to doing all that you can to prevent… Read more »

Need a Confidence Boost? Consider a Cosmetic Smile Touchup

When your smile is bright, beautiful, and cosmetically flawless, its impact on your confidence can be obvious. You’re likely to smile more often and more genuinely, as well as take better care of your smile overall. However, when your smile exhibits one or a few blemishes that hinder its natural beauty, that effect is less… Read more »

Need a New Dentist? Consider These Factors

  There are lots of reasons people seek out a new dentist. Maybe you’ve moved to a new neighborhood or a new town. Perhaps you changed insurance plans. Maybe your colleague bragged on his brighter smile, and shared the dentist’s name with you. Maybe your partner’s teeth grinding has been more noticeable and you are… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Why Your Spouse Wants You To Start Treatment

Are you someone who is pretty sure you’re dealing with sleep apnea? However, are you also someone who has not yet come in to receive the sleep apnea treatment you’re extremely certain that you need? Are you married? If so, then our Riverside, CA team happens to know that your spouse has probably been encouraging… Read more »