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Should I Have My Teeth Whitened?

As the years pass, the stains that we pick up from different foods and drinks can lead to a steady but unwelcome change in the color of our teeth. By the time many people decide to do something about this problem, they can find that discoloration is difficult to address. While store bought products can… Read more »

Why You Might Require Periodontal Therapy

Will you have the same experience in the dentist’s chair every time you schedule a routine oral health evaluation? In some situations, it is necessary to change up how we provide support to our patients at our Riverside, CA dentist’s office. Simply put, these adjustments occur when we need to tend to specific issues that… Read more »

3 Reassuring Things To Know About Cavity Treatment

You should take the news that you have a cavity seriously. After all, this is a problem that will only worsen until it is treated. If that care does not happen in time, complications from an infection can cause you pain and put you at risk for tooth loss! The good news is that you… Read more »

Information For People Considering Invisalign Treatment

If you want to do something about poor teeth spacing that will not call for metal braces, you should know that our Riverside, CA dentist’s office provides treatment with Invisalign aligners. This alternative orthodontic treatment can put an end to your worries over teeth that are crooked, too far apart, or misaligned in some other… Read more »

Issues With Discomfort Your Dentist Can Address

Any discomfort that suggests you have a problem with your oral health should be taken seriously. Whether you have issues with a toothache or experience broader issues with jaw pain and stiffness, our Riverside, CA dentist’s office can help you. We can discuss your discomfort and look for effective solutions that put these problems behind… Read more »

Bring Us Your Questions About Porcelain Veneers

How would you like to show off a smile that is brighter, more symmetrical, and free from problems caused by wear and tear or damage? At our Riverside, CA dentist’s office, we can take on all of these issues through treatment with porcelain veneers. Veneers are a treatment option that can lead to striking improvements… Read more »

Why You Should Have Two Dental Checkups In A Year

We are approaching the final third of the calendar year. Have you made it to your dentist’s office for routine care yet in 2021? These appointments should occur on a semiannual basis, which means you should have two checkups each year, and should have gone in for treatment at least once. Missing out on these… Read more »