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Christmas Hazards For Your Sleep Apnea Treatment

In addition to other things you’ve got on your mind during Christmastime (there is a lot to remember, after all), our Riverside, CA team would like to add just one thing to the list: Remember your sleep apnea treatment and do what you can to avoid hazards! What types of hazards, you ask? What could… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Treatment: Solutions And Resolutions!

Depending on where you are in your journey with sleep apnea, you may have varying needs. For example, if you have already begun receiving sleep apnea treatment but you aren’t really doing a good job keeping up with it, then you need a solution (and you need to resolve to do better in 2019). If… Read more »

Short On Time: Getting A Whiter Smile By Christmas

So, you had the best of intentions this year when it comes to having a brilliantly glowing grin by Christmas! However, here you are at the very end of November and you have not yet received cosmetic care. What to do, what to do? You’re a bit short on time but you know that you… Read more »

Pick Up The Phone And Call Us ASAP When…

Sometimes, you may not think twice about picking up the phone to make a phone call. Other times, however, you may notice that even if it’s very important, you may feel like you’d rather be doing anything else! It can be the result of not knowing for sure if you are making a good decision…. Read more »

Your Riverside Children’s Dentist Talks: Turkey Day With Kids

Turkey Day! It’s a fun day, it’s full of food, it often feels like the very beginning of the holiday season, and it’s sure to put a smile on your face and some very delectable food in your belly. However, what you may not feel so confident about is your smile, your kids’ smile, and… Read more »

Halloween: Important Before-Bed Smile Reminders

Your Riverside children’s dentist knows that your little ones are probably getting extremely excited about Halloween now that it is almost here! Our Riverside, CA team is excited for them! However, we also know that with all of the excitement of Halloween night, parties, trick-or-treating, and more, it’s easy to let the usual routine fall… Read more »

A Check-In List From Your Riverside Children’s Dentist

There’s an awful lot to do in a day when you have kids, which is why it can be easy to find yourself wondering how your child’s oral health is doing between visits. You know your child is brushing and flossing, so you hope everything is A-OK. However, like with just about everything else, you… Read more »