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The Lasting Benefits Of Treatment With A Dental Bridge

Are you stuck with bite problems and a smile that makes you self-conscious after tooth loss? It may be hard to feel optimistic about your dental health and appearance after losing a tooth, but you can find that with the right prosthetic appliance you feel a renewed since of comfort with both. At our Riverside,… Read more »

Arranging A Visit With Your Dentist On Short Notice

If you feel good about your oral health and are free of any worrying dental aches and pains, you can have no problem patiently waiting for your next routine dental exam. If you find yourself struggling with a toothache, or if you suffer a dental injury, you may need to see someone as soon as… Read more »

How Can I Remain Free From Problems With Gingivitis?

When you find out just how harmful gum disease can be, it can be easy to see why prevention should be a priority. If gingivitis forms and is not treated in time, an infection can grow serious enough to cause long-term problems. Those problems can include the loss of teeth, and may even impact your… Read more »

Fix Spacing And Crowding Troubles With Invisalign Aligners

You may be tired of seeing gaps and overlaps between teeth that hurt the quality of your smile, but are you ready to move forward with orthodontic treatment? There are different reasons people may put off a procedure to straighten their smile. Many are worried that in order to fix their alignment issues, they will… Read more »

Address Multiple Smile Flaws With One Cosmetic Treatment

Will you be able to fully address your smile concerns if you only have one cosmetic dental procedure? Many people worry that in order to see the results they want, they will have to undergo several treatments. What you should know is that the right treatment may be able to take on all of the… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Keeping Your Child Safe From Cavities

You want to take great care of your kids, and give them the skills and knowledge to care for themselves as they age. Dental health is something to focus on at an early age. After all, once a child’s teeth start to arrive, they become vulnerable to dental decay just like adults! At our Riverside,… Read more »

Is There Still Time To Address Tooth Decay With A Filling?

Why is it necessary to leave a dental filling in place after a cavity treatment? Even if one only does a small amount of damage, all of the harm caused by a cavity will be permanent. In other words, the tooth will forever lose the portion of your enamel affected by decay before restorative dental… Read more »