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Ask Your Riverside Children’s Dentist

Bringing your kiddos in for dental care is something that can send you home each and every time with the wonderful sensation that you’re doing your best to protect your children’s smiles. However, when you leave our office wishing you’d asked questions or feeling like you’re uncertain about something, it can make that otherwise satisfied… Read more »

3 Ways Summer Interferes With Sleep Apnea Treatment

There are so many reasons to get excited when summer shows up on the scene. While we have no desire to turn you away from getting the absolute most out of the sunshine and merriment that is about to ensue, we do want to remind you of something pretty significant: If you’re not careful, summer… Read more »

A Sealant Quiz From: Your Riverside Children’s Dentist

Your Children’s Riverside dentist wonders how much you know about dental sealants for your kids. Is this something you only know a little bit about, so you haven’t put forth too much effort into scheduling the treatment for your son or daughter? Are you almost ready to move forward with sealants but you just need… Read more »

Your Riverside Children’s Dentist Talks: Staying Calm

In many instances, it can feel nearly impossible to stay calm. Add children into the mix, and your emotions may run much higher, since you’ll do anything to keep your little ones safe and sound. Now, add dental emergencies into the equation, and you’ve got yourself a formula for disaster! While your immediate reaction to… Read more »

Your Children’s Dentist Talks: Kids And Chewing Gum

If you think back to your younger years, one thing you will remember very clearly is how much fun it was to chew gum, how excited you were when you had a nice full pack, and how disappointing it was to learn that not all gum is good for your smile. Now that you’re a… Read more »

Same Day Appointments: A Quiz

There’s nothing quite like finding yourself in need of a dental care appointment immediately. You know that scheduling care is often something you need to do several weeks in advance, so now what are you going to do for your current oral health concern? Good news! We offer same day appointments to help you out… Read more »

Avoiding Sleep Apnea Care: 3 Excuses To Skip

You might have a pretty strong instinct that you are someone who will most definitely benefit from sleep apnea treatment. However, even if your intuition is pointing you in a particular direction, that doesn’t mean that all sorts of rationalizing and excuse making isn’t going to stand in the way of you coming in for… Read more »